2 Blue budgies in well endowed bird cage

Is This Birdcage Big Enough for My 2 New Blue Budgies?

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Hello Mitch,


I recently purchased 2 Budgies, male and female from a pet store, they are not tamed and l do not think I will ever be able to tame them.


They are terrorized if I try to touch or hold them. 


But I really like them and the Animal Welfare Society has 2 males that are up for adoption. 


My Cockatiel died this past summer so they are in her cage.


Is this cage large enough for 4 Budgies? If not, what size cage would I need to get? 


And, is it ok to introduce 2 males to this group? Or should I get a male/female pair?  I really do not want them breeding, so I am taking precautions to keep hormones under control.


We have kept from 9 – 12 mixed-sexed budgies in an aviary that has had full-spectrum lighting over their birdcage and have not seen one egg in over 4 years.


BTW – None of our budgies are tame, they have a secret society and accept every new member. If you watch them as I did for 2 years across from my desk, every day has structured activity with the Alpha male chirping out orders at the break of their “artificial” dawn.


3 clamp on light over budgie aviary


Find pet bird lighting here


Also, how do I transition the birds from a seed diet, that they were started on to “TOP’S” organic pellet diet?


I have the “TOPS” organic pellets and Birdie Bread mix.


Here’s a video on using any birdie bread for any pellet conversion and more.



Thank you for any advice.

Barbara D.


Dome Top Bird Cage for Medium Large Parrots by AE 9003223 Green



Dome Top Bird Cage for Medium Large Parrots by AE 9003223 Green


It’ll be fine for 4 budgies – add more perches and toys so the birds have several places to perch and hang out.


They won’t enjoy all being on the same perch without some bickering.


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