Do You Offer Mess Less Pet Bird Feeders for Cockatiels?
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Do You Offer Mess Less Pet Bird Feeders for Cockatiels?

Last Updated on by Catherine Tobsing

I have an A & E parrot cage for my cockatiels. 

The side door measures 7“ wide x 6“ tall.

 Do you have a no-mess seed dispenser that would fit that? I’ve looked online…no luck.  Or, can you attach it to the inside of the cage?  

Dear Michelle

There is a larger Tweeky Clean Mess Less Feeder that can be mounted outside your opening, but it would be so large that your birds would end up entering it as well.

However, just an FYI, we feed our cockatiel and our Ringneck and Quaker on the bottom of their cage in crocks.

Just so much easier to keep the seed mess inside the cage tray.

We have the 8 budgies with three of the small Tweeky Clean feeders on the upper bars with a glass pie pan of food on the bottom of the cage too.

Messy things, aren’t they?

I really recommend the small one, mounted inside.

Kings tweeky clean mess less pet bird feeder small
Kings Tweeky Clean Mess Less pet bird feeder small

Kings tweeky clean mess less pet bird feeder small
Kings Tweeky Clean Mess Less pet bird feeder small


“Very messy!  I don’t mind it—but if I could reduce the mess, I would like to!  My birds never go to the bottom of the cage,” replied Michelle.

That large one would fit my cage!  I think they would go in it—one of them LOVES to eat.  Is it worth the $59 to try?  Let me think about it.

Dear Michelle

It is a nice feeder but made for medium-large size birds like African greys, etc. but not for large cockatoos or large macaws.

The large Tweeky Clean measures about 9 x 9. It can be mounted outside of the cage over the door with the included cup hooks that go into pre-drilled holes.

Your small birds might decide it is a sunroom and move in and hang out. That should not be a problem with the food as it does reside in a trough in the rear of the feeder. With their long tails, they should not be able to back up enough to poop in the food area. So it is a possibility.

We cannot accept them back for a refund if you find it doesn’t work as you like unless it is pristine as shipped. Meaning that you can hold it up, and see if it fits. That is it, it has to stay clean if you return it.


Our 3 Tweeky Clean units in our budgie Aviary ~ video

YES, the small Tweeky Cleans can be mounted inside the cage.

You screw the 2 cup hooks into the holes on the back of the feeder, instead of the holes in front of the feeder (see images above).

We currently have a large aviary with 3 of the small Tweeky Clean feeders with one mounted on the outside over a breeder door opening and the other two inside hanging from the cage wall cross wires.

Please note that your bird still has to get into it. So be sure to hang the feeder close to an existing perch or install a perch outside of the feeder that your cockatiel can use.

Find all perches here.

If your cockatiel is a princess like ours, then you would need to provide a very easy entryway for it as they don’t like to “work” to do or reach anything.

If your bird is hesitant to enter the feeder, then hanging a full length of millet spray out of the feeder will surely entice the bird into it, then later cut only a small piece of millet and put it into the inner trough for the bird to eat. After this, there should be no issue getting your bird to eat out of it.

Written by Catherine Tobsing
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