Keeping Birds Safe in Power Outages

Keeping Birds Safe in Power Outages

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Are there any products that would help keep a bird warm in an extended power outage, like the one we recently experienced here on the east coast? Is there such a thing as a battery-operated heat lamp, or some similar product?

Dear Pat

One solution that can help for a shorter period is a milk jug filled with hot water, then placed under a blanket that the cage is wrapped in, or if small birds put right in the cage.

We are very sorry for this terrible tragedy that has occurred on the east coast. Are there any shelters or humane societies that will allow you to bring your birds to them in travel cages until the heat is resolved?

We truly feel your pain in worry for the birds, pets, children, and anyone suffering from this disaster.


Windy City Parrot, Inc.

Thanks for your response. Getting the hot water could be challenging, though–I was able to take my lovebird to a friend who had power, so she was safe this time, but I worry about the next storm, in possibly even colder weather. My house was down to 48 degrees by the time power was restored; I’m not sure she could have survived that.

I am not sure if there about shelter options–pets were allowed in some shelters; my home was habitable, if cold, and I have two dogs; I couldn’t really picture how we would all manage in a shelter. I’m just now researching possible options and ideas in case it happens again and I am not able to take her anywhere. My plan of last resort was to put her in her small cage, throw a blanket over it, and stay under it with her as much as possible in the hope that body heat would keep her alive. I’m not sure I ever want to test out that theory, though.

thanks again…


Dear Pat 

Since your bird is small, It may enjoy the comfort of being inside your clothing with you. Perhaps even in a fabric pouch on a string around your neck and be tucked at about “ahem” chest level. Like a sugar glider bag. 

At night putting the bird in a small cage or plastic shoe box with many holes for air and tucking under your blanket with you may be helpful. 

Otherwise, I am out of ideas, I went to a favorite bird forum I use and asked for advise. It did not bring much help.

Bringing tropical animals into a cold climate does have its disadvantages when we find ourselves in a situation such as this. 

I wish you the best.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

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