Michelle Karras

Michelle Karras

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  • R-Redirection not Reaction
  • E-Exercise
  • S-Sleep
  • P-Patience
  • E-Entertainment/Toys
  • C-Consistancy in training
  • T-Trust

The Polite Parrot was established in 1996 after 12 years of working with birds. My experience has mostly been hands on working with unwanted, abused and behaviorally challenged birds.

My philosophy is to use positive reinforcement along with anticipation and redirection of unwanted behaviors. In no way do I ever recommend doing something that will break the bond of trust between you and your avian companion.

I worked for Green Trails Animal Clinic which is a small animal and exotic vet for 8 years as a Veterinary Assistant and Office Manager, 15 years in affiliation with Narnia Pet Behavior in Naperville, IL and have 18 years hands on experience with parrots doing rehabilitation for feather destruction, screaming, biting, phobia, and mutilation. Behavior consulting is offered at my home here in Morris, IL., and I also offer in your home consulting.

I feel that my love for birds that I have had all my life has inspired me to this profession. I truly enjoy my job and have met many wonderful people and their avian companions. My goal in life is to educate and help people and their companion parrots.

I am currently owned by five Congo African Greys, one Umbrella Cockatoo, two Blue and Gold Macaws, one Cockatiel, one African Meyers, one Mustache Parakeet, three dogs, two cats, one rabbit, and an iguana. All of my birds were rescues. Some were abused, some had behavior issues that their owners could not deal with, and some unfortunately did not fit into their owner’s life anymore.

All of my animals co-habitat in harmony. I did rescue for many years where I rehabilitated and adopted out many birds who would have otherwise lived a life of sadness choosing to keep the parrots with the worst issues. I am a licensed foster home for A Refuge For Saving The Wildlife in Northbrook Il.

In addition to behavior consulting I offer gentle grooming, diet conversion, behavior video, educational lectures, and published work in Birds USA.

For more information about Michelle and her srevices
visit her website @ www.thepoliteparrot.com

Canadian Parrot Conference 2004
OCTOBER 29 – 31

Directors: Mark Hagen and Janna Price


    • Rick Jordan – Aviacutluralist extraordinaire! Rick will be speaking both days – he has many breeding firsts, he is the author of the “bible” of nursery management and this is his first speaking engagement in our area in a decade! This is a “don’t miss” opportunity to hear him speak.
    • Liz Wilson – Liz is a fabulous speaker – she is witty, and has a no nonsense approach. She is a Certified Veterinarian Technician and Parrot Behaviourist. Her practical ideas for building a healthy relationship with your parrot will benefit all bird owners.
    • Ray Dorge – Ray is the author of several books on parrots. He is a highly sought after speaker, and although he lives in British Columbia, this is his first public speaking engagement in Canada. He will be talking about companion parrot behaviour and choosing the right parrot for you and your household.
    • Mark Bittner – Mr. Bittner is the author of “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” (soon to be released as a full length film documentary). He has had the opportunity to chronicle his involvement with a flock of “wild” conures living in California. His insights into flock behaviour and individual parrot personalities are fascinating.
    • Dr. Petra Burgman – Dr. Burgman is a board certified Avian Veterinarian and author. She will be speaking on the newly emerging area of holistic and natural health treatments for parrots.
    • Josee Birmingham – BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! – Josee is an engaging and entertaining speaker. She brings her expertise as a vet tech working in an avian and exotic practice to the conference. Josee is also the publisher of a new Canadian magazine about parrots and their people (watch for details and subscription information at the conference). She will be speaking on emergency first aid for your parrot.
    • Michelle Karras – Michelle is the founder of the “Polite Parrot”bird refuge and a behaviourist. She bases her rehabilitation method on the principles of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Redirection of behaviour, Exercise, Sleep, Patience, Entertainment (toys), Consistency in Training, and Trust.

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