My New Hand Fed Young Lovebird Bites ~ Help?
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My New Hand Fed Young Lovebird Bites ~ Help?

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Barbara K. has a biting lovebird,

Hi- I bought a hand-fed female lovebird from a respectable breeder. She was hatched in January 2021. She still bites my fingers very hard. She lands on my head, shoulders, lap but doesn’t want my hand near her. I have her in the main living area with 2 cockatoos and a macaw. She enjoys visiting my cockatiel, but when she lands on the big parrots’ cages I say no!


I walk there quickly and hope she will fly off the cage.


If she doesn’t fly I catch her in my hands.


So I think that could be why she’s afraid of my hands.


Is it better to keep her in the same room as my other birds, which include finches besides the parrots and cockatiel?


Or in my bedroom where I wouldn’t have the worry of the big bird cages, but I’m not in there as much as the living area.


It could be temporary, while I work on her learning to come onto my hand?


Or is it true female lovebirds are more biting no matter where they are, compared to males?


Thanks much. 



Dear Barbara

Lovebirds are better pets when they are handfed and handled daily.

Otherwise, they are can openers with wings. I really don’t have a lot of luck getting them to be tamer when they are not. 

You can try to clip its wings and work with the bird daily in hopes that by the time it molts and the wings grow back that the bird will now have interest in you.


However, the clip will need to be quite short as lovebirds are very strong and will still be able to motorboat their way even if they don’t get a lot of lift.


But as you have other birds there will always be a conflict.


Those Lovable Lovebirds – 9 Lovebird Videos


You might do better to get the bird another lovebird for a buddy and then keep them in the same room as the smaller birds you have.



Dear Catherine

Thanks for your reply. That’s a funny description- can openers with wings!


We now live in Arkansas- not many lovebirds available and the breeder in St Louis that we got her from doesn’t have lovebirds at this time, but getting her a friend sounds like a possibility.

She’s in “love” with my 26-year-old cockatiel. not sure he appreciates that. lol.

They visit through the cage bars because my senior cockatiel is set in his ways- sometimes doesn’t even want me to enter his territory. 

I do love my flock



Dear Barbara

Lovebirds are great, provided they are handled every day from weaning. I used to breed them about 30 years ago and handraised a number of them. They were fun.


But they can be very aggressive and she could harm your ‘tiel, so best they are not in the same cage.

Last year we took in a young budgie that was sort of tame, but as we have three other small parrots the budgie was having nothing to do with us and she tried to buddy up with the cockatiel too.


Well, the ‘tiel bit the budgie twice, once removing a toe before we had the budgie moved in with the other rescue budgies in a big cage where she lives just fine now with 8 other keets.




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  1. If you’re using your hands to catch him he’s afraid of your hands. Start over with a wood perch or stick. Hold it up to the bird’s belly and SAY STEP UP.


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