My Sun Conure Laid 2 Eggs But Has No Mate

My Sun Conure Laid 2 Eggs But Has No Mate

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My sun conure just laid 2 eggs in 2 days without a mate.

Is this reason for concern or is it natural, she is about 2 years old and has never done this.

I keep a little tent for her to hide in which sits on top of her cage and is the only place where she will play with the toys I give her.

I know she is using it to nest but I don’t want to take it away as she loves hiding inside and it shelters her from the chaos of the house.


What should I do with the eggs, I don’t want her to get depressed if I take them away too soon. Help!




Dear Daniella


A single bird laying eggs is not good.


That it is the first time, her health has not been affected yet.


But you need to stop this now.


Remove the hut, gone.


No nesting materials, no loose paper.


You will need to replace the hut by adding more toys around the inside sides and front of the cage that helps with the needed canopy effect, this will help give her some privacy to replace the missing tent. 


If her cage is in a much too busy location then move her to another spot in the same room, on a wall.


But not in a room that the family is not in.


She is a part of the family and should not be isolated.


Is this a play top cage?


Remove the tray at the top.


She also needs a light above the cage with a full spectrum bulb shining down 6 inches above the cage top.


Put the lamp on a timer 12 hours on and 12 hours off. (say at this time of year 7:30 am to 7:30 pm).


Are you petting her below the neck?


If so, stop it and keep your hands from the neck up only.


This should help stop future egg-laying.


Please let us know how these changes help. it could take a month before the results show.




New Conure Subject

Thank you!  I hope things are going well with Windy City in Hoosierland.


I was wondering if you could point me to information about bird health.  


Blue Conure “Greenie,” age unknown (rescued 10 years ago from a pet store that had her light on 24/7 — took 1.5 years for her to come to my son and daughter-in-law).


End of February she lost her voice.  


She was treated, and the voice eventually came back.  


It took quite a while.  


Then she stopped eating, and her left-wing was drooping.  


She had become dehydrated and a GI infection had developed.  


Progress with that is slow also.  


The situation I am emailing about is that her left-wing is all but functionless and she keeps falling onto her back!  


She had been on a play stand my son made with PVC pipe.  


Now I keep her in/on my comfortable chair and carry her very gingerly to the kitchen when I am there.  


Are you familiar with any birds who have recovered from the loss of wing use?  


She even tumbles from my shoulder to my lap sometimes, and of course, then I can catch her.  Thank you.



Hi Vonnie


I’m sorry to hear of the problems you’re having with your conure.


Unfortunately, the question is more suited for a veterinarian as there could be a number of reasons why she lost the use of the single wing.


It could’ve been an injury she suffered without you noticing.


She may have suffered a stroke and lost the use of one side of her body just like a human.


That could tie into why the voice went away.


So rather than dwelling on an answer I cannot provide, I will say that you can set up what we call a “hospital cage” for handicap birds which will help improve her quality of life when not on your shoulder or lap.


Hospital bird cage


Please find more about handicapped birds here


New Conure Subject

I belong to two rescued conures, and I live in a darkly paneled space. 


For several reasons, I’m going to have to put up thermal blackout curtains over my (already small) windows and provide avian-friendly lighting. Before I obtain (or create) curtains, I need advice. 


I know exotic birds see colors far more vividly than humans, but I need clarification on the following: 


Do they seem to prefer bright solids or bright patterns overall? 


If I’m going to subject them to a closed-off environment I want to make it as visually interesting for them as possible. 


Hi there

There are a number of different ways to go about this scenario and I want expert input to help birds the most I possibly can. Thank you!


I would advocate the curtains be similar to what you would put in a toddler’s bedroom. Fun and colorful.


A TV would be entertaining if you could swing it. 


Paneling can be painted.


If you do paint, remove the birds from the room for safety.


Use Kilz as a primer ensuring you get NON VOC (volitile organic compounds)


The same holds true for paint.


Whatever lighting you do add to the room it’s important that the cage lights be no more than 6 inches above the cages and on timers set for 12 hour light cycles – 12 hours on 12 hours off.





Mitch Rezman

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