The Purpose of Parrot & Bird Play Stands

The Purpose of Parrot & Bird Play Stands

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Why Do Parrots Need Play Stands?

According to the experts, cage confinement can lead to obesity, depression, boredom and stress.

With an open airy environment, your companion birds gain a sense of freedom, a chance to explore, get plenty of exercise, and gain enhanced emotional stability.

The physical & mental improvements are commonly noted by owners providing exercise gyms for their companions. Remember exercise is critical for all parrots.


Remember parrots are flock animals. They think like birds. Because we have taken them out of the wild, we need to deal with the fact that we as humans become their flock.

They want to be where we are (like you haven’t noticed that). So if you take a medium size bird (African Grey) or a large size bird (Umbrella Cockatoo) into another room, where can they sit while you enjoy a hobby, conversation or TV?

Put a big bird on the back of a chair, a window sill, or a counter and watch it turn to sawdust.


They’re not being bad, they’re (mimicking) foraging (the act of looking for food in trees and under rocks) and maintaining good beak health. Just as nature programmed them to do.

Some of you may observe your birds scream when you’re not in the room. You may even scream “shut up” back out of frustration. Learn more about scream time. As far as the bird is thinking, “finally someone to talk to!”


And the screaming continues because the bird now thinks you want to chat. All your bird may be trying to communicate is “hey, I want to be a part of what ever activity you are involved with.” You are their flock.


When your bird leaves the security of its cage, it needs to have a place of its own to perch. By having a separate stand, your bird knows it has it’s own secure place elsewhere in your home or workplace.

Furthermore, they don’t know the difference between your expensive kitchen table and any other piece of wood. If you put them on the back of a chair expect them to chew it and poop on it. Suddenly a stand makes sense, doesn’t it?

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