What Christmas Decorations Can I Use With 2 Lovebirds?

What Christmas Decorations Can I Use With 2 Lovebirds?

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Sue asks

I got two Lovebirds.

What kind of Christmas Tree & decorations can I put up?

No tiny lights I’m thinking.

And for house plants, no amaryllis, holly, or poinsettias.

Maybe spider plants with safe red twine & no unattended birds out of cages ever.

I hope you post to the web for others.

The season is almost here.

Laramie Sue

Hi Sue

The harsh reality is, there are no totally bird-safe Christmas decorations.

(Formally) Live Christmas trees have a sap that birds can get stuck on.

Tinsel can cut up a bird’s crop.

Christmas lights running at 12 V may still zap a bird’s tongue and beak.

The solution is to take prophylactic measures like “no unattended birds out of cage ever” while decoration are out.

Birds have no sense of holidays. 


“It’s just another time for them to test everything around wreaking havoc wherever they can.”

So if you are going to decorate, it’s best to not let the two hooligans wander into your Christmas Wonderland.

Enjoy the holidays and let your birds out when everything is packed up and put away.

This will be broadcast to hundreds of thousands of pet bird keepers. Christmas With My Parrots

Happy holidays.



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