Parrot Travel Cage for an African Grey

Parrot Travel Cage for an African Grey

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Hello I was wondering if in your opinion the small cage Fold Away Bird Carrier for Small Birds to Medium Parrots – Prevue 1305
Item Id: 19311101011

Can be used temporarily for a congo grey who is on the small side?

Getting the bigger one is fine with me but the fact that it is 15 lbs versus 10 lbs, is why I ask.
I would be using it as her cage for a few days (we are moving out of the country and she needs a temporary cage before
hers arrives).

I would also use this travel cage to drive across the US with her before we move out of the country.
Thank you for your help.



Hi Diana

It (the Prevue 1305) would be acceptable if she is able to come out of the cage and perhaps sit on top for much of the day. 
Bring toys.

A Booda perch would be a nice touch and make her more comfortable.

Use no hanging toys that could bang the bird in the head. 

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