Parrot Travel Cage Fabric vs Metal

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Welive in a Tsunami area. I have seen on tv, somewhere, a canvas backpackwhich

is aparrot travel cage. It has a perch and screen. Granted it’s not big, but in anemergency

situation….Iwould want one big time. The other day, I saw a man coming out of PetCo

carryinghis cat in the same sort of thing. It was like a duffel bag instead of a backpack.

Verycool and much easier to carry that the aluminum cage.



Hi Kate

Hi Kate


Thanx for the email


First – heres a link to backpack carriers

 We don’t recommend these for evacuation purposes – 3 reasons. 

1) When you’re rushing in an emergency and “throwing” things in the car the rigidcarrier will withstand the packing and the trip. 

2) If the evacuation continuesfor more than a day or 2 you’ll wantyour bird in a less restricted enviornment than back pack with limited viewingfor the bird. 

3) Without contstant supervision, your bird may chew out of thefabric carrier

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