Repacked Bird Food Can Be Bad for Your Bird’s Health

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It has come to our attention that some of our retail outlets have been re-packaging our small animal and bird food products to suit to their market needs.

For whatever reason our retailers choose to repackage these products, please note that we at ROLF C. HAGEN, Inc. take extensive measures to protect our premium food products with specialized packaging and we advise our retail customers of these attributes so they know we take great pride in presenting a product they can trust for their pets.

  1. Each air barrier bag is sealed to protect the contents from environmental and or pest pathogenic contamination.
  2. Each air Barrier bag is also CO2 flushed to prevent degradation of nutrients and to prevent seed moth or seed weevil infestation or activity.
  3. We also utilize a micro ingredient mixing method to ensure the same ratio of each ingredient is consistent with each bag of product packaged.
  4. Each bag is stamped with an expiration date for “best used by” status.
  5. Each bag is also stamped with an assigned production lot number for identification purposes.

Additionally, should a consumer purchase our product in a repackaged state, we would find it very difficult to assist them should they have concerns about the product, which means the burden of product satisfaction and quality assurance and liability issues may fall back on said retailer without assistance from us.

We appreciate your efforts in supporting this issue. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our packaging of Bird Food and Small Animal Food, please feel free to contact your sales representative.

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