Seeking African Grey Re-Homing Assistance.
Seeking African Grey Re-Homing Assistance.

Seeking African Grey Re-Homing Assistance.

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I am looking for someone special to inherit my African Grey when my time is up . I worry about her being mistreated so I have to set up this for her.

She is very intelligent and says so many words and sentences too. 

If you can take her or know of anyone who can please put my in contact with them I need to tell them things about her so nothing would change for her, food and such and likes and dislikes 

This is my first choice if not possible ,please recommend others in that case.

Thank you so very much

Patricia Esington

Dear Pat 

I am sorry you need to be thinking about this issue that really so many really do need to plan for. But it is important.

So often a family will come into our store and one or two at most of of the group acts of interest to the bird of the families’ needs and often the rest wander around, showing obvious boredom.

As I help them I will make a point of telling the child or teenager, etc that is sulking at being there, that they really need to get involved with this feathered family member as at some point, it may belong to them. Their eyes widen but they have a look that seems to be more thoughtful at this revelation. 

Now is your current planning due to aging, ill health or financial? Or are you thinking in 20 years you may not be able to care for it? 

I mean if you are ill and want a home fairly soon (within a few months or a year), or are aging and want someone to take the bird once you are passed? These are similar situations, as if you live alone and you are ill or aged, if you suddenly passed, the bird could also pass before you are found. 

If you are indeed ill or just cannot take care of the bird anymore, or have other issues that have caused you to look into new homing for your bird then it is best not to wait until the last minute. 

I see you are in Louisiana. If so, I personally cannot help you but I can get in touch with those who can. No one will rush you to take your bird away. There are a LOT of birds needing good forever homes currently all over the US and I am familiar with many who have dedicated much of their lives to do find just the right homes,

Please, if so, send me your phone number. I have your email. If you are not in LA, then please give me the city and state, I will work on getting the right people in touch with you so you can talk to them and make the best plans you can. 

Thank you

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

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