Seeking Prosthetic Wing for My Amazon Parrot
Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot hanging from cactus with blue sky

Seeking Prosthetic Wing for My Amazon Parrot

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I am wondering if there is any type of prosthetic wings available for birds or something that would be able to attach to my bird so he could use his wings to land safely if he falls.
My birds left-wing has been partially removed right before the 2nd joint of the wing connects.
So he has a partial wing but not enough wingspan to help him land safely when he loses his balance and falls.

I know it is far-fetched but I just wish there was something to help him.
If he could even use his wings to be able to balance himself better it would be great! Thanks.
Hi Tawnie
We know of a couple of single wings amputees who are doing just fine. We have heard of prosthetic beaks but not prosthetic wings.
Mitch Rezman

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