Setting The Record Straight About Feeding Eclectus Parrots

Setting The Record Straight About Feeding Eclectus Parrots

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There is so much conflicting information on pellets and eclectus parrots (the potential to overload on vitamins).


I have been giving them about 10 [pellets] a couple times a week.


I wanted to know your thoughts on this.


I do try to feed them a very balanced diet but I know we can’t cover everything.


Thanks for your help.


Susan G.

DYK – Eclectus Parrots are Sexually Dimorphic?


Dear Susan


Yes, it seems that the issue of the digestive tract of Eclectus parrots being longer than other parrots may be an urban myth.

Zupreem’s chief Veterinarian has disputed that and also says “vitamins may not be a problem either”.


We feel that observing your bird for any sign of toe-tapping, wing flipping or other reactions is all anyone can do.


There are a lot of Eclectus parrots eating a wide variety of seed and pellet mixes without issue.


Perhaps Eclectus parrots as a whole may have more bad (bird food) reactions than other parrots.


It has to be pretty infrequent or this “issue” would be much more prevalent.


Watching your bird, be it an Eclectus or any other species for dietary problems is a given.


It sounds like you are doing right by your bird.

Plus our whole ECLECTUS category contains foods approved for Eclectus parrots which can give you a wider section than you expected.


I hope this helps.



Susan G. replied


Thank you so much for answering.


I did try a big container of Goldn’obles, did everything but stand on my head to get them to eat them!!


They prefer Prettybird for eclectus, colors I guess.


I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and keep an eye on them.


The birds are both males 4 yrs old and I have two 10 month old male doxie puppies.

Sure do have my hands full!!!!

Thanks again, Susan


Then I received a new Away Form that I responded to with my answer for Susan

This thread came 7 months prior to the thread below it

In a month I will be receiving my weaned female Eclectus, I would like your opinion on seed and pellets.


Many have said these birds should not get either of these. I understand they need fresh fruit and veggies. What other food products would you recommend?


Thank You,

Ted S


Greetings Ted,


Congratulations on the new bird.


Much of what you read on the Internet about bird care is wrong and is based upon nothing more than anecdotal evidence.


A well-rounded commercial bird food like Higgins Safflower Gold or Higgins Mayan Harvest Tikal should be the base diet for your new Ekkie.


The Internet is awash in information about Eclectus parrots having an elongated digestive system.


The thinking is been that if you provide too many vitamins and minerals it will sit in their system for too long and have a toxic reaction.


I’ve spoken at length to Dr. Laurie Hess, an avian veterinarian in practice for 30 years and the spokesperson for Zupreem pet foods.


She was very clear that in her years at school many tests were done on any number of species of birds.


Eclectus parrots processed food from the time it hit their beak until the moment it became bird poop with the same parameters of any other parrot.


I like to remind people of the simple efficient strategy that I preach.


Your new bird will have anywhere from 6000 – 8000 feathers.


Feathers are built from amino acids and amino acids come from proteins.


There’s not a lot of protein in fruits and vegetables which is why we advocate that your bird’s diet should consist of no more than 30% fresh food.


Volkman has a seed mix exclusively for Eclectus parrots.


That said a straight seed diet has been shown to facilitate beak overgrowth with the species.


Commercial bird food diets that you’ll find on our website are specifically designed for birds.


Far too often people mistakenly tried to introduce lots of human food into a species whose systems operate in very different ways than mammals.


There is no need to spend a whole lot of time creating custom meals for your bird.


Commercial bird food blends are created to keep your bird healthy allowing you time to socialize with the animal, something that should take precedence in your life.


Hope that helps





Ted S. wrote again (7 months later)

Hello, I was just reading your last newsletter and it prompted me to ask some questions.


I have a 6-month-old female Eclectus.


Lucy is doing fine although lately, she seems to be scratching more, a few small bald spots on her head.


There are a million diets recommended for Eclectus on the web, gets confusing.


I have been feeding fresh fruit & veggies in the morning along with Tops pellets she at least turns the pellets to dust how much she digests I really don’t know.


In the evening I feed her Avian Naturals Sammy’s diet and one of their cooked warm foods, I also mix a little of Volkman’s Eclectus seed with the Sammy’s diet.


I think she eats some of everything, but not a lot. Lucy acts happy, starting to whistle and say a few words.


Our family has fallen in love with her.


Do you have recommendations on feeding Lucy?


will follow your instructions and buy whatever food products you recommend from you.

Thanks, Ted


Dear Ted

Yes, the world of Eclectus diets can be daunting.


I just answered another question (above) on pretty much the same topic.


Please review the information (above)


Ted, If you feel there is a health concern for your bird then please take it to your veterinarian for an exam.


Thank you



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