Should I Remove a Budgie With Splayed Legs From the Nest Box?

Should I Remove a Budgie With Splayed Legs From the Nest Box?

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Kyndra B.  relates,   


One of my baby budgies (about 2-3 weeks old) has splayed legs but is still in the nest box and being fed and cared for by the mom. 


Is it okay for me to remove the baby to put bands on the legs and then place it back in the nest box?


I don’t want the mother to stop feeding/caring for it because I handled it.


I also don’t want the splayed legs to go untreated for too long.


Dear Kendra

Sorry for your baby bird’s splayed leg problems. In nature and even inside nest boxes in our home, a mother bird will decide if her baby is healthy enough to live on its own.


They can detect health issues we cannot and will stop feeding a sick baby and may even kill it and remove it from the nest (more often though the body would remain in the box to decay so it is important to clean out the nest now and then even before the babies are fully weaned).



The hen at some point will likely notice the baby is not right and stop feeding it or even attack it so you may as well take it upon yourself to pull the baby bird, band its feet, and set up a warm safe place for it and hand-feed it yourself.


It will be a bit involved but if you can save this baby and it is weaned, you will have a very devoted pet.


You can purchase hand feeding formula and pipettes and give it a try.


In the future, please make sure that you have a heavy layer 2″ of pine shavings at the nest box bottom so this does not happen again.


We wish you the best.



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