Should I Remove a Budgie With Splayed Legs From the Nest Box?

Kyndra B.  relates,   


One of my baby budgies (about 2-3 weeks old) has splayed legs but is still in the nest box and being fed and cared for by the mom. 


Is it okay for me to remove the baby to put bands on the legs and then place it back in the nest box?


I don’t want the mother to stop feeding/caring for it because I handled it.


I also don’t want the splayed legs to go untreated for too long.



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How Do I Care for a Splay Legged Parakeet?

Suzanne H. is concerned about a Splayed leg 1-month-old parakeet.


My parakeets had 4 chicks. 3 are fine.


The youngest turned out to be a splayed leg.


Went to the vet with the baby.


He said there is just a 10% chance the baby could be fixed to be almost normal.


It didn’t work.



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Does A Pet Bird Need To Sit On the Same Perch All Day?

In response to our Nov 4th 2019 Birdie Brunch

Rio Hemmings commented

I agree that birds will land on any perch in the wild, but caged life is different, they have to sit on the same perch all day so it needs to be comfortable, I do gymnastics and pole so I know how uncomfortable and painful it is when the pole is too wide I can’t work with it. 


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Handicapped Bird Videos Or What Our Birds Teach Us About Disabilities

We get help desk tickets and phone calls on a regular basis seeking advice for a handicapped bird.

The most common disability is splayed foot (especially in budgies).

Splayed foot is when one or both of the bird’s feet turn sideways as a chick.

This usually happens to young birds when nesting material is “slippery” so the feet don’t have enough traction to point in the right direction while still in the nest.


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How Do I Negotiate Bird Toy Placement With My Macaw?
Parrot bird (Severe Macaw) sitting on the branch

How Do I Negotiate Bird Toy Placement With My Macaw?

My severe macaw is losing all its feathers.

The vet says I should switch her to 80% pellet food.

However, I am not convinced I don’t think they eat that in the wild.

I am trying HARI Prime vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement w/probiotics.

Do you think this is an acceptable alternative?


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Windy City Parrot Defines Medium Large and Large Size Species of Pet Birds

Parrots we classify as Medium Large Species


Blue-fronted Amazon – Cuban Amazon – Double Yellow-headed – Amazon  – Green-cheeked Amazon – Lilac-crowned Amazon – Mealy Amazon – Orange-winged Amazon – Red-lored Amazon – Spectacled Amazon – Tres Marias Amazon – Tucuman Amazon = Yellow-billed Amazon – Yellow-naped Amazon – Yellow-shouldered Amazon – Vinaceous Amazon  (more…)

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Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Smallest Species of Pet Birds


Zebra Finches – Gray Chestnut Finches – Flanked White Finches – Fawns Lightback Finches – Black Cheek Finches – Black Breasted Finches – Florida Fancy Finches – Orange Breasted Finches – Penguin Finches – Pied Finches – Eumo Finches – Agate Finches – Recessive Silver Finches – Black Face Finches – Fawn/Gray Cheek Finches – Dominant Silver Finches – Crested Finches – White Finches – Yellow Beak Finches – Timor Finches – Society Finches – Society Finch (Bengalese) – White Rumped Mannikin Finches – Gray Crown Mannikin Finches – Java Finches – 


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How To Set-up A Handicapped Galah Parrot Cage

I have a young Galah parrot (aka rose-breasted cockatoo) who is missing her toes on one foot.

She was three weeks old when she developed constricted toe and had the amputation, so she really has no idea that she’s handicapped.

Editor’s note: Animals never do.

She’s a little over two years old now. (1st April 2016)


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What To Feed My 27 Birds From Finches To A Blue Front Amazon
common pet parakeet, African Grey Parrot, lovebirds, Zebra finch and Cockatielin front of white background

What To Feed My 27 Birds From Finches To A Blue Front Amazon

Hi I’m looking for a dietary regimen for an Amazon Blue Front parrot.

He is used to a seed diet and I’m looking to provide him with a healthier diet.

Do you have any recommendations?

Also, I need a healthy diet for a sun conure. A dietary regimen for parakeets and also for finches of various varieties.

I’m looking to save money considering I have 27 different birds.


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