Should I Replace a Recently Deceased Parakeet?
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Should I Replace a Recently Deceased Parakeet?

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Jen S. relates:

I had 2 parakeets in a cage together for 2 years, and one of them suddenly died today.

Should I get another bird to put in the cage with the other one? Is it a good idea to do that?

Dear Jen,

We are very sorry for your loss. Your remaining parakeet is likely confused and frightened and will be lonely.

Do you want another parakeet or stay with just the one bird?


Budgie in birdcage with toy mirror with bell at bottom of toy
Funny budgerigar. Cute green budgie pa parrot sits in a cage and plays with a mirror. Funny tamed pet bird and her toys


If you decide to not get another parakeet then consider adding a small mirror.

That will help the remaining bird not be lonely.

If you get another parakeet then before adding it, take out the sole parakeet and clean and rearrange the birdcage.


Then put both birds in at the same time.


They will be less likely to bicker over cage ownership.


We wish you well however you proceed.





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