Should I Switch From Harrisons Pellet Bird Food?
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Should I Switch From Harrisons Pellet Bird Food?

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Victor V writes:

Hi, I hope you can help. I have been feeding my female Grey for years on Harrison’s Bird Foods High Potency Coarse.

Been getting the pellets from Amazon.

When we started this latest bag, she started just grinding the large pellets (not sure if she is eating them) and scattering them about the cage.

Editors note: We receive our bird food weekly and check all “use by” dates as shelves are restocked.

Do you think anyone at large warehouses like Amazon and Chewy stop to look at any date of any bag of anything? Endnote


I can put in a handful of pellets and in short order, she grinds them by 1/4th.


Maybe this was a bad batch – missing something, etc.


I was thinking about ordering a 1 lb (we have 5 lbs) and see if she likes a new batch.


Not sure what to do.


I would gladly change to a superior food. What do you recommend?



Harrison’s Bird Foods
Why feed High Potency during a conversion – video


Dear Victor


The best pellet is the one your bird will eat.


Have you contacted Harrisons about this?


I think their phone number is on the bag.


I am sure that would be the first place to ask about quality control. Then contact the seller.


What is the date on the bag?


Did it possibly have a small slit in the bag causing the pellets to become stale before they should have?


If the bag became overheated at some point it could have caused the pellets to become rancid and not taste good.


Take a smell.


We can ship a one-pound bag out.


We have them in stock now.


Harrisons High Potency Coarse 1 lb


By the way, you say you are using High Potency for years?




High Potency is meant to be used for only 6 months, then the bird should be switched to the Adult Lifetime.


The High Potency has higher fat which helps to get the birds interested in eating them and once acclimated to them you switch to the lower-fat variety.


High fat for no reason for too long can cause oily droppings.


I hope this helps.


Thank you




Victor G replied


I have started Grey on the Harrisons Adult Lifetime.


So far, so good


She has been on the high potency for years.


I didn’t know any better.


Thanks Again


Vic G

Mitch Rezman

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