Travel Carrier for African Grey Parrot

Travel Carrier for African Grey Parrot

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I’m considering the purchase of this cage for my African Grey for a 3-4 day trip and want to know if its size would be okay for my parrot.

I want the cage to fit on the back seat of my SUV. Here’s the cage I’m considering: 

Item Id: 19301061058 ~  The cage is a fine size for that time frame,

Be sure to measure the door that you can fit the cage through as well as that the cage will fit the seat.

The seat belt or bungee cords would be important so the cage does not slide off in case of a quick stop.

The cage is also barred so you will want to put something solid (plastic or wood board/panel behind it so the bird cannot damage your auto upholstery.

If you have more questions, please let us know.


Mitch Rezman

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