Tropican Pelleted Bird Food and the Competition

Tropican Pelleted Bird Food and the Competition

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  1. READ THE INGREDIENT LIST. Tropican contains NO fish meal, and is not based on wheat or soybeans. In fact, Tropican actually contains ingredients such as sunflower meal, oat hearts and peanut meal. Palatability is second to none. Of course, it is still very moderate in protein and fat – nothing like a seed diet.

  1. NO PRESERVATIVES. Many clients are looking for this important feature. AND every bag has an expiry date, AND state-of-the-art packaging is used to protect freshness (vacuum packed with carbon dioxide in a gas barrier film to limit oxidation).
  2. Tropican sales support our large research center. Without continued research by SPECIALIZED, QUALIFIED institutions, we will be unable to improve the level of nutrition for the wide variety of pet birds now being bred in Canada and the USA. Why recommend monkey chow formulas ( or any other manufactured diets whose sales will not support research) any longer?
  3. Tropican does not have any premature species streamlining claims. It is our belief that our present level of nutritional research does not yet support species “typing” ( ie. not all cockatoos are the same). However, we DO know what we have tested it on (800 birds in house), for 7 years – including second generation production – with NO supplemental fruits or vegetables of any kind. When we say one of our formulas can be used for maintenance (for example), we mean it.
  4. Tropican is supported by a large and elaborate quality control system. Why risk a clients valuable parrot with anything less? EVERY batch of Tropican ( not random or occasional samples) is ACTUALLY fed and tested on our own huge collection. EVERY batch is tested for a wide variety of microbial contaminants and nutritional parameters. Just ask to see a report – we will be delighted to produce it. EVERY question or potential problem is immediately investigated by the in-house avian veterinarian and our nutritionist.
  5. Tropican is EXTRUDED, not PELLETED. This means that the food is steam heated, pasteurizing the ingredients and increasing digestibility. The texture created is more attractive and useful to pet birds than a farm-type pellet or crumble. Extruded products can also hold more fat (an important factor for palatability and for proper maintenance of species such as the blue & gold macaw).
  6. Tropican incorporates the latest in vitamin D3 research into the formula. B & G macaws have a lower tolerance for this vitamin than other species* and the Tropican formula is newly balanced to provide an increased safety factor.
  7. Tropican does not feature gaudy colours or odd shapes; the birds still love it. Waste is minimized as the birds eat an entire piece, not throwing down portions. The only colours ever used are natural ones, such as chlorophyll and beta carotene (a great natural antioxidant). Vitamin C and vitamin E also used as natural antioxidants.
  8. Packaging is also environmentally friendly. No bulky canisters are used (low volume packaging is featured in all popular sizes).
    *Sem Avian Ex Pet Med, in press

Louise Bauck BSc, DVM, MVSc.


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