Tropican Sizes Are a Bit Different.

Tropican Sizes Are a Bit Different.

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Due to our new extrusion operation at Hagen Industries, our Tropican sizes are a bit different. And, notably the Sticks and the Biscuits. These lots are just now coming to the US inventory.

The formulas, flavor & nutrient content, are the same high quality as before…in fact better. For about 10 years Hagen Pet Foods in NY had extruded our Tropican, in addition to our other extruded consumables (small animal), as well as the major tonnage for our Nutrience Dog & Cat Food products.

The production of the smaller batches of pet foods in comparison to the dog & cat food was a production scheduling problem-and then it caused many delays in our inventory of Tropican products (and anything else with Tropican, such as Tropimix & Living World Premium Bird Seed Mixes).

Now that we’re producing the Tropican products right at Hagen Industries, we have smaller batches-all with laboratory testing and quality control lot testing at HARI, and the ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. This results in higher quality and higher standard of quality control, quicker testing time-as well as fresher to market objective that benefits our US customers. (and other countries). In fact, HARI has performed more tests lots since January than they did all last year!

I know that some birds are accustomed to eating a particular size and that perhaps this might be an adjustment to something “new” in the dish. My own pet birds, some of whom have been eating Tropican since 1993 were a little hesitant to dive right into the dish, but they did and still do. In fact, I have some Tropican Sticks produced in NY (notable with extraordinary holey texture) mixed in with the new production, and they prefer the new production. The newer Tropican results in much less powder and dust-therefore less waste.

I hope that helps explain the slightly new sizes of Tropican morsels. 

Melanie Allen

Avian Product Specialist

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.


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