Using Higgins Intune Bird Food for My Flock

Using Higgins Intune Bird Food for My Flock

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Hi Cat,

I won’t make it two or three weeks without the Intune Macaw and I don’t want to switch them back to the Hagen just because I don’t want to keep messing with their diet. Which one is easier for you to get?

I want to stick with the one I can get easily and that you can get easily also?

My flock is eating like a bunch of pigs right now that is why I ordered again so soon.

Yes, I have been working with Carmel via phone and once one on one with her.

The bird is attacking her BUT she keeps handling the bird while stressed and she is simply just trying too hard? I just got off the phone with her again as she was just bitten badly again.

The Cockatoo is handicapped and this was news to her.

The bird also has a lump on her foot which I believe is causing her pain, she is taking the bird to the vet this week.

She is really taking everything I am saying and implementing it : ).

I had so many Cockatoo calls in Dec. that I put the group together and did a PowerPoint and someone on one handling techniques with all of them.

They all pitched in and gave me a wonderful card that they all signed and put what they could afford it, which made me feel really good and appreciated.

BUT the whole group needs more help.

Find these Higgins Intune Bird food Pellets Here

I must have said go to Windy City Parrot 50 times during the PowerPoint and talk.

None of them knew what a boing or a booda perch was??????

None knew you sold toy parts??????

And none of them knew you shipped so quickly for this area??????

Doing my best to help all of them and send hopefully an abundance of orders your way??????

Oh well, I spent the weekend being puked on by kids, doing tons of laundry because the girls just would say “Mommy I don’t feel good” then PUKE!

Finally, the puking has stopped and the laundry is all done, birds scrubbed, house scrubbed, God help me I actually made it through the weekend!

I will most likely be the one puking tomorrow, ugh!

If you have the smaller bags of the Macaw Intune I think two bags would get me through until the big bags come in?

You can just credit my account with what is leftover and leave the other order there for when it comes in and I will pay for it, or if it is easier I can place and pay for another 18lb. bag????

Let me know? I do need the Cockatiel Hagen and the Booda perches sooner than later if possible? Have a great night!


I suggest the Intune Parrot size, it is closer to the Intune Macaw than going back and forth to the Hagen parrot sticks. I am bringing a bag in tomorrow. Let me know and I will ship it tomorrow. If they are out of that size too (doubtful) then all I have is the Hagen Parrot Sticks.

I do have 2 Intune Macaw 3# bags in stock now, I can send out of your payment today. I will give you the amount you have leftover and when the 18# bag is back in stock send you a Paypal invoice for the remainder to pay.I am still bringing in the 18 pound Intune Parrot tomorrow, so let me know.

I hope my distributor gets in Higgins sooner than 2-3 weeks but I have to under-promise and over-perform. I will try to find out today if they placed their Higgins order yet, I doubt it as their delivery guy says they have a lot of Higgins still.

The cockatoo is a larger bird for her and I think she has always had smaller ones. I think she is overwhelmed by this cockatoo. If it is in pain, I can see why it may be lashing out, no matter what she does.

I did tell her that if it is mean, she does not have to let it out every day.

As long as the cage is large enough and it has things to do and food, it can cool its heels in the cage a bit.

We have Boodas and Bungees but how to make them buy?

I am not sure. Our having had to move 3 times since Milwaukee did not help retail biz, so Internet sales are our main sales platform.

Toy parts are fewer and far between since we have no way to create them and the mills are not offering the thick pieces anymore.

I also have no way to drill, dye, and prepare them anyway.

Times are hard.

We have Marbella beads, plastic chain, some hardware. The only wood parts are ABC blocks.

Sucks. I tell people to go to the lumberyard and get bags of cut up wood chunks, they often call them kindling.

Hope the kids recover soon. And you don’t catch it too. I just got my flu shot Saturday, I have a doctor’s appointment after work for med refills, etc. Monday’s are always rough, so I have to run.

Miss you.


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