What Are Your Thoughts on Having Barraband Parrots as Pets?

What Are Your Thoughts on Having Barraband Parrots as Pets?

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Sandi H. is interested in Superb Parrots,

The superb parrot (Polytelis swainsonii) above, also known as Barraband’s parrot, Barraband’s parakeet, or green leek parrot

I’m thinking of getting such a bird. Please give me the pros and cons.

I at present have 3 rainbow Lorikeets. Love, love, love them.

Dear Sandi

Although we have seen Barraband Parrots they are not that common. They are an Asian Parrot and are in the same range as Indian Ringnecks, African Ringnecks, Mustache parrots, Princess of Wales Parrots, and other similar long-tailed parrots.


We have had an Indiana Ringneck in our past and now an African Ringneck parrot which is a little smaller.


Due to their long tails, they seem to be larger birds but they are small parrots. Their beaks are strong so they can enjoy larger seeds but will be unable to break open almonds or such hard nuts in shells.


They would do well with a standard parrot seed and pellet mix. Avoid small parrot mixes due to so many smaller seeds.



The males can learn to talk if acquired young and Asian parrots seem to have a baby or small child tones to their words which are charming.


They can live 20-40 years and need a cage at least 24″ wide or even a small aviary. Perches should be kept a bit away from the back of the cage so their tails don’t get roughed up on the bars.


They like bells and shreddable toys.




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