What Can You Tell Me About Mirrors and My Blue and Gold Macaw?

What Can You Tell Me About Mirrors and My Blue and Gold Macaw?

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Hi Mitch and Catherine,

I have been searching for information about using a mirror for my Blue and Gold macaw but have not been able to find accurate information on mirrors and birds, especially large parrots.

Thank you – Judy.

Can you add some clarity to the subject?

The general “internet consensus is mirrors are bad for birds.

With 11,000 species – I rhetorically ask “which species do you have mirror data on”?

“None? I see”.

The biggest problem with mirrors and large birds is the safety hazards of a broken mirror.

This issue is something you have to test for.

Keto the ringneck came with a mirror on the bottom of his birdcage.

As he is anti-social regarding other birds and bites humans, the mirror is his buddy.

We changed it to vertical mirrors (including his downstairs with mom’s work cage) for cleanliness.

Keto has a small 6 x 12-inch framed mirror behind and slightly above his cage.

We had a large hanging wall mirror behind Barney the cockatiel’s cage.

He got obsessive about it.

Grey cockatiel on top of bird cge in front of a mirror

Barney will occasionally leave his headboard perch and fly over to Keto’s cage to look in the mirror but is over it now.

Priscilla one of 7 rescue budgies is obsessive about his (not a typo) mirror and now that I keep the aviary door open while morphing into an episode of Jurassic Park, Pricilla has discovered Keto’s mirror.

The problem is when Keto’s IN the cage he likes no other birds and is intent on biting a budgie’s toe-off. We already have 2 – 3 toed zygodactyl foot (as in normally 4 toes) budgies and will try to avoid that future outcome.

Sorry to take you around the block Roni but this subject needed context.

I test for everything.

Here’s where I would start.

Use a roughly 6-inch square sheet of polished steel found on Amazon here t.ly/SKfz

6 in x 6 in polished stainless steel plate

(We are not an Amazon affiliate)

For safety, the square corners have to be rounded with a grinder/Dremel, etc

NP Quick Links for Hanging Bird Toys 3.5 mm 4 pc

Drill a hole in or around the corners where you can insert a steel link of some sort to hang on the cage bars.

Install a grooming perch under it because foot movement will help keep those big nails trimmed.

Grooming Pacific Perch Beach Branch 1012 Bolt On Large

Birds don’t identify themselves in mirrors, they see “the other bird” so you run the risk of the bird shifting mates from you the other bird – You’ve been warned 🙂

Best of Luck

Written by Mitch Rezman
Approved by Catherine Tobsing

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