What Do You Think of Fish Treats as Pet Bird Food?
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What Do You Think of Fish Treats as Pet Bird Food?

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Anita J. is seeking added protein possibilities,

May I feed my Noble Macaw, Cockatiel, and Sun Conure any 100% Fish treats?

Like the soft sealed packs of Salmon and Tuna for cats.

Need some different proteins for birds recently moved from S Florida to Central PA.

Added the heated perches and heated panels to sides of cages added to their timed Sunlamp in their room.

Noble (a picker) needs some incentive to eat more.

Trying your heated meals and of course, all will eat rice.


Thanks for your thoughts


Dear Anita


I am unsure about using the fish treats for the birds. I doubt that it would harm them, but there must be better options.


Editor’s note: Fish are cold-blooded animals, birds like humans are warm-blooded thus having opposing nutrient needs. Endnote


The L’Avian Bean Cuisine you ordered is a very good product that provides a higher protein mix than most other bird foods.



This Higgins Worldly Cuisine Inca Bean Mix is another good protein option.


Rice does not provide any real nutrition and is mainly a filler. It tastes good but will not provide protein.


Below are some protein sources:

  • Lean chicken, turkey, and cooked fish are the best animal protein sources. 
  • Parrots also like bone marrow from animal bones. 
  • Some nuts, including roasted peanuts, pine nuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts, are high in protein.
  • Cooked eggs, cooked egg substitute, cooked bean mixtures (legumes), tofu, whole-grain bread, low or non-fat cheese, and peanut butter ( in very small amounts).


Cheese, although loved by birds is not the best as it is not digested well by birds as they are lactose intolerant, they tend to pass it through their bodies undigested, but they like it.



Better cheese for them are firm cheeses, over soft ones as they have less lactose.


You can also use a powdered supplement in their food.


Perhaps some Nekton Bio or they also may enjoy and benefit from Higgins Egg Food.



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