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What Is The Best Powder Coat For Re-coating A Bird Cage?

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Jaqueline Replied


I read your blog of refurbishing cages

I have an old California Cage that I LOVE. it is rusting, I am looking to have it sandblasted and powder coated.

What type of powder coating should I have them use?

I Need A Powder Coated Bird Cage – But I’m Not Sure Why

They seem to have many different types, I do not know what is safe, or anything about this. Can you give me some recommendations?


Thank you


Hi Jaqueline,

We appreciate your readership.

You’ll want to specify an NSF Approved Powder coating.

Here is a shortlist of colors from one manufacturer.


Ask them if they have ever sandblasted a birdcage before as the many bars can be a challenge (I ran a powder coating facility in a former life)

Best of luck and happy holidays.


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