I’m Seeking a Ramp for My 10 YO Parakeet

I’m Seeking a Ramp for My 10 YO Parakeet

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Sills B. asks

Do you sell or know where a small safe ramp can be purchased that would be placed upon the entry door of my parakeet’s flight-size cage? 

It is only needed so Pilot can use it to get to her food dishes inside. 

In viewing her videos, she seems to have some difficulty either flying to or jumping down from the center rope (which is at the best position where she enjoys sitting on to look out her window and uses to climb up to sleep when she needs to) at times, especially during molts which is concerning as she is 10 1/2 yrs old.   

Otherwise, she has the freedom to play around in her designated areas. 

Hopefully, the picture helps in showing the area.

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I recommend one or two of these placed as needed.

They are on a thin wire and are flexible. You can attach one end wire low and the other end wire higher.

This can create a ramp that is easy for your bird to climb up and down.

PrevuePet Wonder Walk Large

Sills B’s. Response
Wow, I never thought to use these as ramps! 
I have a large and a small which are used as beds in the play area which are also enjoyable to chew!
Thanks for your reply.  
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Catherine Tobsing

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