What Is the Best Way to Introduce My Quaker to His New Cage?
What Is the Best Way to Introduce My Quaker to His New Cage?

What Is the Best Way to Introduce My Quaker to His New Cage?

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Mark Asks:


What is the best way to introduce my Quaker to his new cage?


Greetings Mark,

What I have always done is assemble the cage in the same room assuming there is room for all the components prior to putting it all together.

The room should be well lit and early in the day. You may want to wait until Saturday for more time.


Let him watch. I interact a lot with my birds and would take moments to stop working go say hello, maybe ride around on my shoulder.


Show him little pieces from the box like the instructions, that are usually worthy of a beak divot in the edge.


The birds also often like any cut cable tie piece from the pieces if there.


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I also do a lot of talking in the fun sing-song style birds like to let them know all is good and happy and we are having fun.


Being quiet is never fun for birds. If you are quiet they often feel nervous. Talking, humming, singing cuts through that.



Once the cage is assembled. Start removing the toys from the old cage, talking and cooing, making all things special, and hang them in the new cage.


Fill the food and water dishes. Add something nummy IN the cage so he can see it, like a big long spray of millet. 


Don’t try to hand a treat directly to your bird’s beak at this time as he may choose this time to reach beyond it and give you a bite since you are messing with his cage.


Best not to have that as an unhappy gift from him to you for all your hard work.


THEN, roll his old cage out of the way, but keep them close to each other. Unless you are also changing location.


Then pick him up and put him in the cage all while telling him what a wonderful new house he has and what a good boy he is. You know the drill.


Then CLOSE THE DOOR and leave him in the cage for the rest of the day, best overnight. Especially if he shows displeasure. He has to get used to it, find his toys, food, and water, poop a few times.


You can sit and talk to him soothingly. Always in an upbeat tone.


By the next day, he will be fine.


By the way, try to do this all before noon as you want him in the cage before it starts getting dark so he doesn’t get confused in a new cage in the dark with hanging toys looking scary.


Once he is locked in the cage you can move the old one away. Storage, use for a boarding cage, travel cage, or even a play area.


We have more than one cage for each bird. Every room should have a place that a bird knows is his to sit and land on so he doesn’t end up in places he shouldn’t.


Please let me know how it goes. We love pictures, before and after are great.





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