What Kind of Humidifier Do You Recommend for Us and Our Birds?

What Kind of Humidifier Do You Recommend for Us and Our Birds?

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Lisa N. writes,

Good Sunday afternoon Catherine hope you had a great holiday, I just have 2 quick questions.

The first is what kind of humidifier do you recommend for us and our birds, second our Reggie girl and Kiwi boy have been fighting a lot lately they are not even preening each other and if we leave one in the cage while the other one is out the bird that is out will keep flying over to the cage and then they fight threw the bars I know 72 hr doesn’t cure anything and I know birds are birds it’s just hard to watch them fighting instead of being best friends anything you can suggest would be helpful. 

Thanks, Lisa N.

Dear Lisa

It is never pleasing when our pets fight. We all want harmony in our homes.

We have to keep our Quaker and the African Ringneck separate, caging one while the other is out. It was not the plan but resorting to that practice has kept peace in the house.


The quaker will climb all over the ringneck’s cage, but he can’t reach him and the ringneck has learned that he is safe and no longer stressed while the quaker climbs around him.


The cage is large and he just ignores him. After a while, the quaker usually goes back to his own cage or visits us. After a bit, he gets locked up and the ringneck gets let out. It works.



We don’t just let them out and wait until they have started to bicker or fight before we separate them. We just follow the plan of rotation so we are not having to follow up on a bad situation all the time.


Also, realize that it is getting to the time of year when ALL bird’s hormones are starting to rise up. If you will go back to your past emails to us you may find that the problems started around this time of year. 


By the end of March, this new aggression may ease up some.


Like I have said, you have a boy and a girl, of different ages that are not fully bonded and are dealing with their hormones.


As long as you have them in close proximity, this will not be able to be fully resolved. The light treatments help by resetting their circadian rhythms, but as they are still together, nature kicks back in and undoes all of the work.


Keep your babies safe…apart.


Hi Lisa,


This post will assist with choosing a humidifier for your Quaker parrot.





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