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What Kind of Lighting Do You Recommend for Our Parrotlets?

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Carla H. wants to know about lighting for my parrotlets.




I am needing assistance in finding the best lighting for my parrotlets.


I have spent countless hours reviewing the lighting needs for my pets and am more confused than I was about this topic than when I started.


Bottom line – I know that there is no substitute for natural sunlight but since my pets do not have access, what is my best option?


I am looking for the healthiest option…


I thank you for your assistance,

Carla Hunter


Dear Carla


Does a parrotlet need a full spectrum light source? And if so does it need it all year round if living in North America?


Unless you are living along the equator, no natural lighting is going to replicate what tropical birds need to keep their hormones level.


If your parrotlet is acting hormonally: Masturbating, laying eggs, broody behavior, biting, aggressive behavior then a light set up above the bird’s cage will help for so little effort.



This simple setup will help. Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer


Thanks for your info! She has not been exhibiting any of the above-mentioned actions but was concerned about her overall health and how the full-spectrum lighting would be a benefit.


We have had her for approximately 3 yrs now and adopted her when she was about 7 months.


She’s is a very happy and sociable little parrotlet whom we love dearly.


I follow your website and have learned a lot of useful information.


Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer

Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer




Glad we could help ease your mind.


If all is good, no need to fix what is working.


Just watch behavior. If the cage is in a shaded area she could at some point start looking for a place to raise a family.


She needs no huts. It may look cute for her to have one, but it will cause broody behavior over time.


Brighter lighting over a cage or play area can encourage more playtime there.

If you find she ignores play areas you have for her, it could be too dim.

Just keep an eye on behavior and adjust accordingly.


Carla, if I missed answering any questions you have, please let me know. I will fill in the blanks.


Thank you for writing.




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