Where Do I Place My New Conure In My Small Home

Where Do I Place My New Conure In My Small Home

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Carrie B writes:

I put money down on a conure that’s going to be coming home in two months.

I’ve been hearing not to put it in the room that you’re not going to be in regularly, but I have a small living room in my apartment and already have three chatty budgies.

So the only suggestion I can think of is putting the budgies in my room leaving the conure out here for daytime and putting the budgies in my room.


And the conure in my room to sleep before I leave for work at 4.


All 4 birds are too much noise in the living room and they will not be able to fly to each other.


What are your thoughts thanks?


Dear Carrie


Your plans are incorrect.

Your bird should have its cage in a room that is frequented often by you and your family.

Isolation is no fun for any birds.


The budgies have each other of course, but can be quite entertaining for the conure too.


If you feel that it will be too noisy with the 4 birds, perhaps a conure is not the bird for you.


They are VERY noisy.


What do you plan to do, shut the bird up alone in a room all day while you are gone?

You will end up with a miserable pet.


Please rethink this.


The writer did not respond to my reply other than to post a Bad Rating.


The person wrote to us asking our opinion.


Now did I get the Bad Rating because I was wrong?


Or because she didn’t like my answer?


Please post your thoughts below.


MitchR My 2 cents















“To be clear, Carrie B knows little about bird care.

Will not acknowledge information from an expert.

Accepts bad advice from the wonkers on Facebook.

She buys a bird knowing – upfront – she has no room for the bird and it will be too noisey.

Sound the alarm.

Tell the local rescue to look for an incoming conure”

Carol S. comments:

I’m commenting on Carrie B’s bad rating about a conure and budgies in the same room. I agree with Mitch completely. 

I have a 22-year-old Dusky Headed Conure.

About 5 years ago my granddaughter, who lives with us, brought a sweet budgie into our home.

We placed their cages next to each other in the living room.

It was noisy, I agree, but they were much happier together than they would have been alone.

In fact, both learned each other’s calls!

Emmy, our conure, definitely continued To be the dominant t bird, and we never left them alone while they were out of their cages, but they even learned to take baths at the same time!

It was really cute! Ocean, the budgie, unfortunately, died last Summer, and Emmy continued to call for her daily., and occasionally does.

I believe Carrie gave you a bad rating because she didn’t like your answer.

Conures are wonderful companions but it sounds as if Carrie should maybe stick to budgies.

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