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I’m laid up with abroken ankle (bummer! summer!) and I notice he’s the cageguy.

I find cages so frustrating, as they almost deliver what you want, butnever quite. Want to chat/email/whatever with him about a few ideas andimprovements to explore if these already exist or we can figure out how to getsomeone to manufacture, or manufacture ourselves.

I’ve got 2 Prevue FO30’s –those white finch aviary cages joined together forsuper-cage for my 20-30 finches. Great space, but the bottom, and theability to keep the area around the cage is nil. Some ideas about that. Also some about larger cages for my Moustache and conures How tohave a great cage, tons of space and be able to have right in the thick ofthings where you live–not stuck where the mess doesn’t matter…

I don’t need another super bag o finch food yet, but soon enough. Hopesummer is going well.


Dear Lisa

Sorry to hear about the leg. Rest up and heal fast.

The cages. We do not have the resources or outlet to designcages. Our bird cage manufacturers, HQ, Prevue, AE, Mango, etc do not make custom bird cagesand even if one of them decided on a new design it would be a year or morebefore they would be produced and on the market. 

If you are referring to the mess the birds make in theflight cages, I have found that the clear sheets of plastic that is used indropped ceiling lights is wonderful. They can be easily cut and scored with arazor knife to fit the outside of cages, take a hot needle and make a hole inthe corners, or a small drill bit, then wire them in place, they deflect muchof the debris back into the cage and still allow light in. 

Thank you for your order, I believe it has shipped.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique



I haven’t tried that, but I have tried perforated plasticstrips used for soffitting. I don’t use the bottom grates in the flights,as finches love to root around, forage for bevo and the odd seeds and I havepie pans as spa swimming pools in there. (Few things as darling as a finch poolparty) I even rigged one to have a growing floor, but its tricky becausethe pans are so flimsy. 

I reinforced with plexiglass sheet. Ikeep wondering if one could use really high quality screen on the outside ofthe cage–the really good screens are so see through. I just get tired ofthe feathers/dust on my wood floors. Once I can really move around I’mgoing to experiment….will share any victory… 




My favorite finch for bathing is Java Rice finches. 

I usedto give them deep crocks filled with 2″ or more of water and they wouldsubmerge fully, splashing every bit of the water all over, filthy things,leaving mud behind, but loved them.

 I had to encase their flights sides ANDtops due to the mess.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

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