Why Does My Pineapple Conure Bite Me?

Last Updated on by Mitch Rezman

Helen W. is unsure about her two birds:


Love bird and pineapple parrot.


They are a pair.


The pineapple parrot likes to bite me.


The love bird attacks her fruit treats.


Dear Helen

“Birds of a Feather, Stick Together” And you have no feathers.


You say they are a “pair”?


They likely have bonded and are not likely to ever let you in unless you were there from the beginning.



I’m guessing the “pineapple” is a pineapple Green Cheek conure?


You may have some luck if you can separate them and bring one at a time into another room to work with.

Only time and patience can tell.

You may have better luck with a “single” older bird.




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