Why Is My African Grey Sheba Showing Signs of Making a Nest?

Why Is My African Grey Sheba Showing Signs of Making a Nest?

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Janet M. seeks advice,


My African grey “Sheba” is showing signs of making a nest — any suggestions on how to stop her?


Thank you for any advice. Jan


Dear Janet


Is this the first time she has shown broody behavior? 


How old is she?


Also, are you petting her below her neck? Stroking her body?


If so, stop and keep your hand’s neck up only.


Windy City Parrot’s permanent lighting solution ~ video


Do you have materials in the cage she can use to build a nest?


A hut, paper, etc? If so, take it out.


Do you have a strong full spectrum or daylight bulb mounted close to the top of her cage, on a timer?


If not, please install one, it can help control hormonal behavior.


You can find the lighting items here lighting


Please also read our BLOG posts on Lighting and how it affects the birds.


This will provide perspective about lighting for birds ~ Why Do Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong?


If you need help placing a lighting order, please give me a call at 877-287-0810 Monday through Friday 10-4 CST.




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