Why Is My White Bellied Caique Losing Feathers?

Why Is My White Bellied Caique Losing Feathers?

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Susan D. F. is concerned about her Caiques feather loss


Hi Mitch,


I think maybe Seymour may have gotten spooked by a mouse. 


Do you think she may have been attacked by a mouse that may have gotten into her cage to get at her food while I was at work?


The vet did a fecal culture, and if the office doesn’t call, it means everything is normal. I have been getting home later lately (due to heavy traffic) and his office closes earlier than I arrive home, but they did tell me that no news is good news.  I will give them a call.


Seymour seems just fine and the vet said she looked perfect.  I think her belly feathers are beginning to slowly grow back.  She has been very playful, very vocal, and behaving normally.  She is not behaving differently in any way.  Is it possible she just had a heavy molt?  She has been eating all of her food and has a healthy appetite. 


What’s the Difference Between Feather Preening, Plucking & Molting?


Well, he sure charged me a lot ($250) for having no answers. 


He also cut her nails and flight feathers and this was the best I have ever seen her behave during the trimming.


He used a Dremel and his assistant held Seymour in a towel. 


I was shocked that Seymour was so calm. I wish she was that calm when I file her nails with a crystal file which she very often attacks. She took a nice chunk out of my finger once and drew blood. 


I thought I might need stitches. I had to file them a little recently because he left her nails so pointy and sharp. 


He wanted to put her on CBD for the feather plucking and I suggested Nekton Bio because it worked once before when Seymour was developing some bald patches on her back green feathers several years ago and the feathers grew right back in no time. 


Also, I had no idea what CBD was, but when he said it had marijuana in it, I said “no thanks”. 


Thanks, I will, Mitch.  I am off next week so I am very happy 🙂  


Seymour’s feather regrowth is a really slow process though and I just pray that all of her feathers grow back normally.


I just found this video yesterday.  I think this explains what is going on with Seymour.


Stay well,



Seymour has not been picking any belly feathers since that one incident. 


I clean her cage every day after work because I cannot leave any seeds in her cage overnight. 


I have not seen any white belly feathers at all in her cage since, so I am hoping that is a very good sign.


If she was experiencing any pain, I don’t think she would be acting so playful and whistling as well as body surfing, and kissing me.  I have not seen any changes in her demeanor whatsoever.


I took these pics at 5 AM this morning as I try to play with Seymour for about a half-hour before I get ready for work.  The feathers look to be growing back naturally (in just two weeks), but it seems to be a slow process. 


I see little pin feathers forming.  I called Nekton and they said the supplement makes feathers grow back faster and more brilliant in color, but with her eating a fortified diet with Nutriberries, they said you don’t want to give her a vitamin overdose as it can be tricky with knowing how much Nekton to add to her water cup. 




Hi Mitch,

I hope that all is well.


I wanted to let you know that I believe Seymour had an explosive molt when she lost so many belly feathers and I now see pin feathers forming. 


Her feathers appear to be slowly growing back. 


She seems fine and is very playful and happy.


I called Nekton a few weeks back and they did not think the supplement would help because I would only be able to give her about 5% of the dosage because she is eating Nutriberries and that is a fortified diet so I could be causing hypervitaminosis. 


They advised against me giving her the Nekton Biotin unless I cut back on feeding her Nutriberries.


I have not seen her plucking nor do I see any additional feathers in her cage. 


She is preening the new ones. 


I think her feathers will grow back eventually, but it might take a few months.


Thanks for your concern when this happened.


So very glad to hear, Susan



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