Why Wont My Conure Eat Pellets?

Why Wont My Conure Eat Pellets?

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Denise M. wants to know why her conure won’t eat pellets,

Love your publication! I want to inquire about feeding. I feed sweetie bird conure food as well as apples, raspberries sugar snap peas, and grapes. He will not eat pellets. I hope he is getting enough vitamins without pellets. Thank you


Dear Denise


We can relate. Pellets do provide a diet that is complete with vitamins, but if they don’t eat them, what can you do?


If your bird does eat more pellets than other offerings, seeds, nuts, etc then you don’t have to be concerned about added vitamins.


We have 3 small parrots and only one of them actively will eat pellets. Chili, our quaker carries them one by one up to his water dish, dunks them, takes a bite, then dunks again and takes another bite before dumping the pellet.


We feel that is a huge success even if we have to change his water 3-4 times a day.


But he is the only one here that embraces pellets.


Round amber plastic dish filled with chopped veggies


We offer a quality seed mix that contains pellets. We like Higgins Safflower Gold which already contains Higgins Intune Pellets and we can add more Intune Pellets as needed. 


We also offer daily a whole and chopped veggie plate that has powdered vitamins mixed in it as well as freshwater with vitamins added.


We can only hope they eat and drink enough of the vitamin-enriched stuff to help them stay healthy.




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