Wild Bird Feeding
Wild Bird Feeding

Wild Bird Feeding

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Newsletter 10/13/2011

We talk to people about their birds and how to care for them day in and day out. It’s something we never get tired of. We love birds so much that we spend our weekends feeding and watching wild birds.

We have 11 wild bird feeders that get quite busy in the early morning hours. Nut Hatches, Downy Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, Blue Jays and more. Ground feeders like Mourning Doves really round out the experience.

So it’s not surprising (at least to us) that we embrace wild bird feeding at Windy City Parrot. We have bought a lot of different wild bird seed blends over the years and have gotten more particular the more we learn.

For us it actually started out by filling our bird feeders with out-of-date bird seed from inventory. As we added feeders we shopped for different wild bird blends and learned a lot along the way. Some of the things we found about feeding wild birds can be found on our Wild Bird Food FAQs. Feeding wild birds in the winter poses additional challenges, we have some notes about winter bird feeding which you’ll find useful.

To that end we felt it was a natural progression for our bird food line to include wild bird food. We’ve added 23 wild bird food blends that you won’t find at the grocery or home improvement store. Experience has taught us that cheap food usually has lots of corn, which ends up feeding more squirrels than birds. 

In order to attract different species you need to offer different blends. Indigo Buntings
like Thistle seed and sunflower hearts. Rose-Breasted Grossbeaks like sunflower seeds, safflower, cracked corn millet & fruit. So with so many types of birds (and budgets) we felt we needed to offer a complete range of wild bird food blends. 

We’ve provided pictures of some of our favorite blends below. All of our wild bird foods ship free. Happy birding!

Until next time

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot, Inc. 

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