Will This Whole-House Air Purifier Hurt My Birds?
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Will This Whole-House Air Purifier Hurt My Birds?

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Jacqueline K. seeks information on a whole-home air purifier:


Hello, I trust your expertise and did read your blog on air purifiers.

I have 2 parakeets, 1 ringneck dove, and 3 finches.


We are looking at a whole-house air purifier that will get installed in the air duct.


It was recommended to get the RGF Reme Halo.


Is this going to be safe with my birds?

Follow up 2 days after this post was published: See end of post:

Is this one of those that uses ozone that should be avoided?


The website said the unit creates hydro-peroxide plasma.



I don’t want to install anything that would hurt my birds.


I am looking for something that purifies the whole house. Hope to hear from you soon.


Stay safe and be well.


Kind regards, Jacqueline


Hi Jacqueline,

Not getting the warm fuzzies about RGF Reme Halo – here’s some info and I’m seeing the word(s) “ionizer” too often

I’ll advocate a call to the manufacturer asking about what studies they have on pet bird or any pet for that matter.

From Air Quality News:

Hydroperoxides occur naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere and have been part of nature’s process of cleaning the air for billions of years.


The plasma reaches every cubic cm of air and surfaces, actively destroying up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and VOCs on contact and preventing the transmission of common and serious illnesses.


It also induces particulates (dust, dander, pollens) to coagulate or stick together making them larger and heavier and causing them to drop out of the air or get caught by a filtration process.


The process is effective in the most dangerous ultrafine particulate range (PM0.1-0.01) that includes traffic soot small enough to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and linked to numerous health problems and birth defects.


Ozone is an effective oxidizer but is dangerous even at low concentrations.


Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive but decompose almost instantaneously after being created rendering them somewhat impractical, especially in fluid airflows.


Because of this, PCO systems that use them are typically reliant on a substrate to trap pollutants next to the catalyst to increase the probability of contact before decomposition.


Raised levels of oxygen create fire hazards.


From Clean Air Europe, a patented ionized hydroperoxide technology developed by RGF Environmental simulates the natural hydroperoxides in the outdoor air.


Let me know if you want to chat further about this.



After speaking to the factory ~ it’s a go!

Jacqueline called to say he had spoken to the manufacturer of the REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier, who assured her they were aware of the dangers of ozone and their units created none.

The Halo unit creates Hydroperoxides which is similar to rain cleaning the air which why air smells better after the rain stops.

In fact, we learned the units are installed in many veterinarian clinics and hospitals.

So Jaqueline is moving forward with the installation, which by the way, she was also told fresh food in birdcages stays fresher longer with the approved air quality.


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