Your 60 Second List of Good and Bad Fruits for Birds

Your 60 Second List of Good and Bad Fruits for Birds

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It’s summer and we all eat more fruit in the summer. Birds like fruit too, but………..

the skinny
Unsafe fruits for birds: Avocado – Rhubarb
The seeds and pits of: apples – apricots – cherries – nectarines – peaches – plums – they all contain a cyanide-like substance (the fruit “meats” are OK)
Safe fruits for birds: apple – apricot – banana – blackberry – blackcurrant – blood orange – blueberry – cantaloupe melon – cherry – cranberry – dried dates – figs (fresh) – gooseberries – grape – guava – honeydew melon – kiwifruit – lychee – mandarin – mango – melon – nectarine – orange – papaya – peach – pear – pineapple – plum – pomegranate – quince – raspberry – red currants – strawberry – tangerine – watermelon – yellow plum – (all included in a lot of manufactured bird food)
Safe seeds & pits for birds: grapes – cantaloupe – cranberries – watermelon – pomegranates – oranges – grapefruits – lemons
Pomegranates make a great foraging food
(only the seeds are edible)
You’ll be foraging for paper towels & a mop
 but that’s your lot in life being owned by a bird.
if you feed your parrot-dried fruit, make sure it’s free of sulfides and sulfates.

it is our unscientific belief that citrus fruit may be a possible plucking trigger (birdie heartburn)

written by mitch rezman
approved by catherine tobsing

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  1. You list fruits like nectarines and cherries as unsafe fruits, presumably including the fruit pits, and then in the second list you put the fruits as safe…. You should state all that more clearly, for example fruit meat versus fruit seeds….

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