Why Is My Young African Grey Turning On Me?

Why Is My Young African Grey Turning On Me?

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Donna D. cries for,

HELP!!! I had a female grey for 40 years before she recently passed.

My boyfriend and I bought a fledging together we both feed him with a pipet and introduced nuggets.

My boyfriend is still feeding him after 6.5 months.

Meanwhile, he has turned aggressive toward me, lunging, nipping, and full-blown break-the-skin biting all this when my boyfriend isn’t home.

When my boyfriend is home I can pet and hold him and even shower him. I am beside myself since my last grey was so calm and loving.

Any advice??

Advice and compliments are always offered for free.

Hand feeding should have stopped at the first fledge. The bird has bonded with the human serving warm gooey food every day and you have been cut out of the deal.

It’s time to start clicker training and you need to take over the feeding with normal commercial bird food and some fruits and veggies.

Good news, you’ve got 50 or 60 years to correct this.

Something else few grey companions realize is that African greys in the wild will switch mates at the age of around 5 or 6.

Nature built this into their instinctual expectations to avoid an inbred flock.

Patience is your friend, I’m finally offering scritches to Barney, our rescue tiel., after 2 years.



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