Cage for My Grey for When I Take Her to the Boarder

Cage for My Grey for When I Take Her to the Boarder

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I am trying to find a cage for my grey for when I take her to the boarder. I would like it to be around 20″ square and about 29″ high. It must have three feeding stations, and that’s where I’m having trouble finding what I want.

 I would rather the top not open into a play area but that is optional. I would like to keep the cost to $100-$150 but if I can find exactly what I want, I will consider going higher. Thanks!!

Hi Veronica

In order to stay close to your budget certain trade-offs need to be met. The issue is “3” feeders which you won’t find unless you’re looking at conventional “wrought iron” cages otherwise cages close to your price range will have 2 “exterior” feeding doors.

You can always add a third feeding dish but that would require the temporary caregiver to enter the cage with their hand.

Here’s by far and away our most popular boarding cage


Flat Top Bird Cage for Medium Large Parrots by Prevue 125 Black


Hi, Mitch, Thanks for your help on the cage. I had already looked at both of those cages but 3 feeding stations are a must-have. Not sure why people think you’re not serious when you tell them to keep their hands out of the cage but they seem to think you must be kidding. 
My last boarder got bitten when she stuck her hand in the cage to change the paper after I verbally warned her as well as writing it on the instruction sheet in big letters and highlighting in yellow.
My bird is not normally mean but that is her house and the lady is a stranger. Keep me in mind, please, (since you don’t have anything better to do Click Me!) and I will keep checking, also.
Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate all you did. 

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