Cockatoo parrot chewing its way out of a plastic dog carrier

Whats the Best Way to Introduce a New Carrier to My Cockatoo?

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Patricia N. explains,


I have an Umbrella Cockatoo and have a new travel cage arriving soon. Always hard to get it to try anything new and he’s not a fan of cages, other than his usual ‘home’ cage.


Any tips on how best to get him inside his new travel cage. Thank you


Dear Patricia 


Set it up right next to the bird’s regular cage. On a table to raise it up if possible. Put some food in it, treats, toys, and let your bird check it out.


It will be easier to accept if it is just a piece of furniture over time.


Feel free to reach out should you require further assistance


Hi Patricia,


Here are some additional helpful thoughts on new carriers,




Thank you very much 🙂

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