Hagen HARI Tropican Bird Food Review: My spoiled parrots love this bird food :)

Hagen HARI Tropican Bird Food Review: My spoiled parrots love this bird food :)

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Headline: My spoiled parrots love this bird food 🙂

Name: Pam
Location: Rockford, IL

Review: I have three CAGs and a Goffin ‘too.

In the morning they get Tropican Lifetime Formula Maintenance Parrot Granules and I feed this food to them in the evening.

Sometimes it seems like they wait all day until I put this food (“the good stuff” as we call it) in their bowls. 

It is an extremely healthy blend with no waste and my parrots love it.

I initially tried this food when I contacted Hagen with some questions about the morning pellets (they make those too).

In response Hagen sent me a big box of samples including a bag of this food.

Once we tried it, it became our go-to food. Excellent food and Hagen is an excellent company.

Rating: 5

Dear Melanie

I received an odd review of Hagen, it was a good one, but she mentioned something called “Morning Pellets?

I have no idea.

Thank you


Dear Pam and Mitch,

Pam is likely referring to our Tropican High Performance Formula. It’s labeled as a Weaning Food – but it’s the same formula as the Tropican High Performance Parrot Biscuits

We also make the Tropican High Performance available in our Parrot Sticks size.

[Editors note: Hagen Tropican High Performance Sticks are available in 3.3 lb bags and 8 lb bags.]

Yes, Tropican High Performance formula does have more nutrients, but please be careful when offering to certain adult species that are not breeding or are not juveniles less than one year as this diet at a high percentage may be too rich.

We do have a series of video podcast on our HARI Website that might be beneficial for you to decide whether Tropican Lifetime or Tropican High Performance is best for your flock.

Melanie Allen
Avian Product Specialist
Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

Subject: RE: Tropican High Performance

Thank you so much Melanie.

I have several birds that recently were surrendered to me that are malnourished, according to the blood work I had done when I took them to the vet.

If they like the HP, it may be appropriate for a finite time period.

I appreciate the advice that the HP is too rich for healthy adults.  I didn’t realize that.

I don’t want a bloated flock!

Pam K


Subject: RE: Tropican High Performance

Hi Pam,

What are the species?

Have you tried the HP Biscuits in foraging opportunities?

That often works-even with rescues….it’s instinctual.

I’ll get a goody package out to you today!


To: ‘Melanie Allen’

Subject: RE: Tropican High Performance

My two malnourished birds are a Goffin and a BF (Blue Front) Amazon parrot.

The Amazon has been with me for close to a month and is accepting the Lifetime formula.  

I’d just like to bump his diet up to get him healthy.  

He was on a Walmart diet (according to his prior owners).

He also was mauled by a pit bull so he has ton of feather growth right now.

His little head was naked and scabby when he got here.

It is amazing that the follicles weren’t damaged and he has a head full of pin feathers now.  

His tail was also down to one feather and it is growing in beautifully.  

He is only three so I think his youth and a better diet have helped him a lot.

The Goffin just got here last week and so far only wants his cheapo food that he’s been eating for the last fourteen years.  

He had a loving owner but she just didn’t know better.  

I think he is going to be a tougher switch to a better food just because he is more set in his ways. Patience, patience.

I will try some foraging opportunities and try to get some interest, especially from that little Goffin.

Thanks again.


Hi Catherine,

Morning pellets…sound like something got twisted in translation!

We’ve always maintained that Tropican bird food blend be the first thing birds eat as it sets their nutritional profile for the day in a good direction.

Enrichment foods such as fruits/veggies, Tropimix, table food etc. at 30% for most birds after the caretaker knows the bird has eaten a good diet.  

Melanie Allen
Avian Product Specialist
Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

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As the new self-proclaimed alien influencer on the Internet I’ve got a lot to say.

I read much of the content and see all the images of these “chops” cage bird keepers are producing. I don’t get it. How are they helping their birds?

Parrots in general have 6000 or 7000 feathers (docs can have more than 11,000 feathers).

Feathers are made from Keratin and require omega 3, 6 and Beta-carotene.

Bird chops are built around foods that humans use to run faster and jump higher.

It is opaque to me how these “chops” improve a captive birds nutrition.

Hagen, the largest supplier pet supplies on the planet has been around for decades and still innovating.

Tropican Alternative Formula provides proper daily nutrition for Parrots who are diet challenged, adult, senior, requiring lower protein and fat content (versus High Performance formula)

What makes the Alternative formulation different than Tropican Lifetime and Tropican High Performance formulas?

  • Alternate protein sources: pea and quinoa
  • Formulated with no soy or corn
  • Higher amount of bentonite clay
  • New ingredients such as walnuts, maple syrup, cranberries, sunflower oil, sweet potato, wheat germ oil, pumpkin seeds, marigold extract
  • Higher levels of omega 3, 6 and Beta-carotene

Darker brown pellets

“… all this results in optimum feather structure growth, vivid colors.”

With Alternative Formula you have a diet design for your bird with 15% protein.

Remember, not all protein is alike.

Peas have ha highdigestibility score and are a wonderful source of protein while providing amino acids with other plant proteins like wheat and rice that you find right here in Alternative Formula from Hagen.

Add to that ingredients from nature including peanuts, sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds making them credibly tasty food source for your bird.

With flaxseed and peanuts creating a wonderful source of omega fatty acids, this formulation will make your birds feathers brilliant along with making your bird’s body healthy.

Mitch Rezman

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