Are Peanuts Bad For Parrots?

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Raw peanuts contain a toxin called Aflatoxin in them. Aflatoxin is a liver toxin and is dangerous for parrots. So it’s for sure that raw peanuts are not safe for parrots.


But as we all know parrots need cleaner, fresher food than us to eat, they cannot cope with chemicals and pollutants as well as us, which is why second grade (for animal consumption only) peanuts can kill our birds.


Peanuts are particularly susceptible to contamination during growth and storage.


Poor storage of peanuts can lead to an infection by the mold fungus Aspergillus flavus, releasing the toxic substance aflatoxin.


I could go on but you get the picture.


Let’s try to apply some logic to this argument.


If I leave pizza in the refrigerator too long it will get mold.



If I leave cheese in the refrigerator too long it will get mold.


Any protein not stored correctly will get mold.


From the list “Where Are Peanuts Grown?”


India grows 6,857,000 metric tons of peanuts annually.


India is home to millions of Indian ringneck parakeets.


Argentina grows 1,001,113 metric tons of peanuts annually.


Twenty-eight species of parrot have been recorded in Argentina. 


Please read the-status-of-argentine-parrots


Indian farmers (who grow peanuts) find Indian ringnecks are cumbersome pests who decimate crops.


These two facts beg the question why aren’t parrots falling out of the sky in Argentina and India?


Asked because peanuts are not inherently bad for parrots.


The quality of the peanut that is the problem.

You run the risk of buying moldy peanuts when checking out from a local grocery store because you don’t know the amount of moisture they have been exposed to.


Peanuts bought from name-brand manufacturers like Higgins and HARI.


HARI’s approach is “The concern for feeding peanuts is that the SHELLS are known to harbor the mold Aspergillus flavus which can cause Aspergillosis in parrots. Tropican and Tropimix only contain de-hulled human grade peanuts.

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And all formulas developed by HARI have been very carefully calculated and go through rigorous 3-stage testing – which is unprecedented among bird food makers.”


Higgins peanuts go under rigorous testing according to Dean Reyes VP at Higgins bird food.


The answer to the question “Are peanuts bad for parrots?”


It is a resounding no – long as you source them properly from a name-brand bird food manufacturer.


Buy bird-safe peanuts here


Now that we got that out of the way


Can you feed an African Grey too many peanuts in a day? comes from Quora



I recommend leaving the shell on to make it a more enriching experience for the bird to work through.


Peanuts get a bad rap but it’s important that they are purchased in a hermetically sealed bag from a major manufacturer of pet bird food or repacked bulk bags from a trusted seller.


90% of the bird foods that are sold in the marketplace contain peanuts including the dust and have been tested for Aspergillus flavus mold spores before they ever make it into the said sealed bag.


The peanuts can be raw or roasted and unsalted.


They’re too big to be used for training as they take too long for a parrot to eat.


You will find them as part of wonderful blends in both Hagen Tropimix and Higgins Safflower Gold.


Hagen Tropimix is developed at the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) in Canada.


Several hundred birds are there both pet and breeding pairs and some have been there for about 30 years.


The birds are fed all three of the lines of Hagen Hari Bird Food including the blends containing peanuts.


Fecal tests are taken regularly by three full-time avian veterinarians on staff.


What I’m saying is especially with parrots don’t buy peanuts at the supermarket or the produce stand – get them from a well-known brand of bird food manufacturer to be ensured of quality health and safety.


The flip side sometimes we need to worry about the humans in our homes and how peanuts can affect them.


Firstly here’s a list of excellent peanut-free bird foods that we offer.


Goldenfeast Bonita Loco Pretty Crazy Nut Blend 25 oz (708 G)

Goldenfeast Caribbean Bounty Peanut Free 25 oz (708 G)

Goldenfeast Veggie Crisps Delite Bird Food And Treat 17 oz (481 

Goldenfeast Goldn’obles I Peanut Free Corn Free 23 oz (652 G)


From Carol:

I have one concern. 


My 10-year-old granddaughter, Kiley, is extremely allergic to peanut butter. She is at our home almost daily. I have to be 110 percent sure that our sun conure’s food does not (or isn’t cross-contaminated) with any peanuts.


It could literally kill her. Please double-check each product to make sure they are safe to have in our home. I really appreciate your care.

Thank you, Carol.


Dear Carol

NO bird food manufacturer will claim to be peanut-free in their packaging facility even if you buy varieties that say they are peanut-free. 


You will have to make the choice of allowing your granddaughter to be exposed to the birds, their food, or not.


We cannot make any such claim on their safety for your granddaughter.


I am very sorry.


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