Tidy Bird No-mess Bird Feeder for Small Birds From Cockatiels to Conures

Tidy Bird No-mess Bird Feeder for Small Birds From Cockatiels to Conures

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“I belong to a bird lovers’ website called “The Perch” and one of the members bought your Tidy Seed No-Mess Bird Feeder at a bird fair. After watching the video, I thought that my Senegal Parrot might be too large for it to work properly; but that was not the case.

Tidy Seed works GREAT! Tiki actually loves going inside to eat her pellets and seed. And the mess has dramatically decreased! Thanks so much for inventing such a wonderful product. I sure do love it when a product works as promised!” Sincerely, Trish

“We saw you at the Chattanooga bird fair. We liked the fact that you are bird people who thought of a way to make other bird peoples’ lives easier. We ended up leaving with three Tidy Seed™ feeders.

The “saving money” part spoke to my husband, and the “no more mess” issue spoke to me (and those that care for the birds on a regular basis here at home). The product is gorgeous; much prettier than a bowl or dish in a cage. I love how the birds look in them. You thought of every detail. There is not one thing we can think of to suggest. It’s perfect.

How do we like it? We are in shock! It truly eliminates the mess and saves money. Of course you two demonstrated that at the show. But nothing is like seeing a product work in real life in a real home. I expected the food savings.

I expected less food debris. What I was not ready for was the fact that there was less “dust” around the cages. Not just debris; actual dust. All week I didn’t have to dust the three large cages that house five birds. I didn’t have to clean around them, or sweep that floor all the time.

For the first time in three years, we did not have to buy a pack of eight rolls of paper towels every two weeks. Also, we don’t have to change and clean cages every other day or so.

This product helps us ENJOY our birds more because it relieves us of a lot of work. The cages are more attractive with the feeders. And Tidy Seed™ saves us money.
Oh yeah, I do have one suggestion. No matter how you told us, or how it is described, the optical illusion of how much the feeder holds is too strong to understand that it holds the same amount as an ordinary food dish for small to medium birds. I can fill a feeder, put it in Tidy Seed™, and it magically fits. Very bizarre. But if people think it only holds a tiny bit because you made it attractive in that you don’t see much food … maybe that can be pointed out more.
Please. Don’t change anything. Not size, material, design … please nothing ever. We’d be heartbroken.” Scott and Rebecca Stout

” As promised, I told you I’d let you know how the tidy seed bird feeder works. I bought two of your tidy seed bird feeders at the most recent bird show at the North Atlanta Trade Center. I am sooooo happy with the results. It really does work. It has cut down on at least 95% of the seed that was falling out onto the floor. The only disappointment was that the feeder didn’t fit on the outside of their cage [but does well inside]. It’s a wonderful product. Thank you for making it available. It has made my life easier not to have to vacuum so often. Everyone should have these for their birds!” Verna Johnson

“After buying one Tidy Seed and putting it in my Java Rice Finch Cage, I knew immediately, I should have bought more! These are fantastic. No mess! The birds like eating in it and I love not having seed all over to clean up! I take the Tidy Seed off the cage and blow off the hulls and I have noticed a big difference in my seed bill. I just recently bought 2 more Tidy Seed and plan on buying one more. What a great product! No one can now say, “I love birds, but I hate the mess they leave from the seed!” Bonnie Marron St. Augustine show

“I met you both and bought a Tidy Seed from you at the Saint Augustine bird show, and it is doing great. No mess from any Finch food has been found on the floor. It stays in the box. Oh yeah, what I find so cool about Tidy Seed is that my Finch eats the seed, and then she puts the outer shell of the seed right in front of the place where the seed goes. Tidy Seed has saved my female Weaver Finch. I’m going to come to the Jacksonville show and purchase more for my other finches, diamond doves, and my parrotlets. Thank you guys for coming up with such brilliance. Sheila and Bob Topp Orange Park, Florida

“I recently bought three Tidy Seed feeders at the Port Charlotte bird show, and I just wanted to report how well they’re working for me. I bought a large, parrot-sized finch cage as well, and transferred all five finches in together. I have my three Tidy Seed feeders in the cage. The birds adapted to them quickly, and they have SIGNIFICANTLY cut down on the amount of seed hulls on the floor. I’m glad I got the Tidy Seed Feeders!” Rebecca Jordan

“I purchased four English Zebra Finches at the Bird Show in Morganton, NC. This is the first time I’ve had finches without all the “seed mess” associated with birds. Tidy Seed works! No more mess and the birds really enjoy it! Thanks for such a wonderful product!” Jackie Pender

“Tidy Seed feeders are really amazing! They keep my little budgies seeds off the floor. Thank you for inventing such a great product for small birds.” Mary Clelland

“I want you to know Tidy Seed is one of the best items I have ever purchased. It helps me enjoy my birds. I can have more birds now because they are not any trouble to clean up after. Let me repeat, this is one of the best products I have ever bought! I will buy more of them when I get other birds.” Renee

“We have a parakeet and a parrotlet. They get in their respective Tidy Seed feeders and just sing and sing. We joke and say that we added a sun room to their cages. Thank you for Tidy Seed.” Lisa

“I’m having great success with Tidy Seed feeders. I now have 25 cockatiels using them, five of them are babies I am hand feeding and four of them are pairs with tiny babies. I have 28 English budgies that began using them immediately as well. Finally, I have one green cheek conure and an African red belly parrot both using them with success. “On the whole, the same amount of feed I used to put out every day is lasting me two days now. This is a very significant savings for me, and my birds are as well cared for as they were on twice the amount of seeds and pellets I previously used. And on top of that, my floors are clean and my trays under my cages are much, much easier to clean.” Sara M

“I bought Tidy Seed yesterday at the Atlanta Bird show. I set it up today for my Green Cheeked Conure, Albert-he could hardly wait to get in and get started! I was thinking it might intimidate him, but he loves it. This is such a wonderful idea and I am so glad I stopped by to talk with you! I am including a picture of a very happy bird. Not only does this stop the seed scattering, but the bird is very cute eating in his little private ‘sunroom.'” Judy R

“Tidy Seed meets and exceeds our expectations.” Leon W

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