Are Vitamins Necessary When My Bird is on a Pellet Diet?

Are Vitamins Necessary When My Bird is on a Pellet Diet?

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Michael G. asks:

Hi, Mitch.

I was using a powdered vitamin in Little Girl and Big Boy’s water. When I began using Roudybush pellets they recommended discontinuing the vitamin. I took them at their word and don’t see any ill effects after 8 months.

I’m wondering if birds are like I’ve been told about humans, rid themselves of unwanted vitamins?

We use a spray bottle on a mist regularly.

It is amazing to see their wingspan as it doesn’t seem possible they can spread out as they do!

As I’ve said, I re-homed these 20 years plus marvels and they seem so happy to have proper lighting and an adequate diet.


Amy was pleased when you last told me some “junk” food as treats were okay but to watch the sodium.


We found some veggie sticks, more like extruded chips, with NO salt.


They love that along with occasional Cheezits, Goldfish, and a small bite of Nutter Butter.


They get plenty of fresh veggies, Hagen, and Safflower Gold.



I believe I have some happy birds that are well-fed, clean, and well-lit.


It is amazing how they learn to formulate sentences.


This week they came up with “Maggie is a pretty bird”!


Maggie is our half Bassett/Beagle.


They call her all the time and say “Maggie is a good dog”!


She loves to pick at them until they peck at her nose or grab her tail!


I enjoy your Sunday articles.

It sometimes takes until Tuesday AM to read and digest all the informative and entertaining missives.



Michael G. (Shreveport, LA)


Hi Michael,


The kind words are most appreciated.


I hope you and yours are safe in the Zeta (hurricane) aftermath.


It looks as though Shreveport to the north did not get hit as hard as the coastal areas.


The majority of pellets are considered engineered foods, having a broad spectrum of vitamins and nutrients blended into the core mixture.


With respect to using Roudybush pellets, yes vitamin supplements would be redundant.


You also mention Hagen and Safflower Gold.


Hagen Tropimix and Living World both contain Tropican pellets.


Higgins Safflower Gold contains Higgins InTune pellets so your birds will be in good shape with any of these bird food combinations.


Human snacks in moderation will not harm your bird.


We don’t eat a lot of snack food in our household but all our birds enjoy toast, sometimes with a smidge of peanut butter.


All 10 of our birds get fresh chopped veggies and fruit in the morning to help round out their diet.



Because we have four sizes of birds in the house (ringneck – Quaker – cockatiel – budgies) Catherine blends size appropriate foods to help round out all their diets.


Birds excrete sebaceous material containing vitamin D3 precursors from the preen gland and from exposed skin on the legs, feet, and around the eyes. Read more


Bathing birds is important and can be done so using everything from commercial birdbaths to the kitchen sink or bathroom shower.



African grays are considered “powder” birds meaning they shed a lot of dander thus require regular bathing.


I love looking at all our bird’s wings spans.


I do so on a regular basis by wholly owned by their feet and moving my arm up and down.


Under the wing, inspection is especially important with grays because they have molting cycles that can last two years, so you want to make sure raw skin is not exposed under the wings where many of them begin to pluck.


You’re doing a great job with your birds!


Feel free to reach out with further questions.


Stay safe



From Jeff D.

To Michael G I agree and so does my vet as far as food Roudybush is all they need it has everything a bird needs.

I’ve been using it for years however I have picky birds I have a blue & gold macaw that will only eat pine nuts and sweet potatoes for treats and a scarlet macaw and mate blue & gold macaw that loves raw nuts of all kinds which I buy in bulk 25lbs at a time.

I have a Derbyan parakeet that will eat almost anything but whose main Diet is Roudybush pellets.

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