Bird Cage Dish for Older Cage Issues

Bird Cage Dish for Older Cage Issues

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I ordered these dishes for my cage using the dimensions you listed on your website which are #01 dish measures 5″ across the top including lip. (4 1/2″ not including lip) 3″ tall.

When I received these dishes I checked them and they do not fit my cage. And the reason they do not fit is that they are not the dimensions you state on your website.

They actually measure 4 7/8″ across the top with the lip. (4 1/8″ not including the lip) and the only measurement that’s right is they are 3″tall. You also state that they are 20 oz crocks they are not they are only 16 oz I measured that also.

Maybe you sent the wrong crocks but there is a sticker on the bottom of the crock that has Planit #1 and a medium crock dish printed on the sticker.

If these are the correct dishes they are no good to me because they are not of the dimensions you state so they do not fit my cage. If they were they would fit as the dimensions you state on your website are the size of my crocks I have now exactly.

I, therefore, need to return these to you unused and do not feel I should have to pay a restocking fee or a return fee due to a mistake on your part for not stating the dimensions correctly on your site. Please advise me as to what I need to do to return these to you.

Thank you Frank B

Hello Frank

I have just measured the #01 dish and it is closer to 4 and 15/16th, which is accepted as a 5″ dish, this is not unusual for dims to be slightly off. (industry standards call 3 1/2″ canary nests 4″) 

The dish is called a 20 oz dish, as have all crocks made in this shape like the Fenix crocks were, Fenix crocks were the standard for years for California cages until both California Cages and Fenix crocks went out of business 

This left a large gap in the need for replacement crocks for the cages, the closest dishes that will fit the California cages (which by the way had 3 different size dishes and holders over the years that has also made locating new crocks a bit of a chore. 

I bought ALL the crocks remaining from Fenix before they went out of business and dealing with the minor variations was a chore, be we have tried to get the right dishes needed. Birds have to eat and drink. 

The 20 oz dish, may not refer to the amount of liquid that goes in them, it could also be the weight of the food that could go in them. I have 4 dishes called 10 oz, and all of them hold a different amount of liquid, I can’t change them to be called a 9 oz, another a 12 oz, another 11 oz. These are industry standards, not assigned by us. 

The so-called Planit #00 8 oz dish, almost matches up to the original Fenix #0 dish, The #1 Planit dish, almost matches up to the original Fenix #01 dish (even though the later Fenix #01 dishes came out at the end with just a #1 on them, and the same the with Planit #2 dishes (currently out of stock.) 

We do pride ourselves on having as large a selection of food dishes for cages as possible, we were very unhappy with Fenix when away. The Planit crocks have been the closest sizes possible on the market at this time. 

Can you please tell me how they are not fitting? Are they too tight? Too Loose, Too High? 

Can the holder be altered in a minor way for them to work? This has been the cure for a lot of customers that have to make due. 

If your dishes are as close to the size of the Planit dishes, I do have to say, in all my years serving the needs of birds. 

I have not found a true standard on the market for liquids matching the ozs they say they are. 

I would like to help you get what you need, but if you have an older cage, perhaps a California cage, a Neon Cage, and many others that the companies did not plan for the need of extra dishes, we do try to assist the best we can. 

Can you give me more information on your cage and dimensions?

Hi, thank you for your email and your input. Where I have the problem is that the Planit dishes are not big enough around so when they go in the rings they are too loose.

The lip just barely hangs on to the ring it actually sits inside the ring instead of on top of the ring. The rings are attached to the cage with screws but they are welded to the piece of steel that attaches to the cage so I cant modify the ring at all.

The inside dimension of the ring is 4 3/4 inch and the planits are only appox 4 1/4 inch around so they are way too loose.

The cage dimensions are 24 inches long,22 inches deep and 30 1/2 inches high. 

These are just the cage dimension where the bird is as there’s a PlayStation on top and also a trash pan and legs underneath so not the total overall dimension of the cage. 

I see you bought all the Fenix crocks you could do you have any left at all? I’m in a bind here now as I don’t know what to do as I used to have four crocks two for the PlayStation on top and two for the cage and I only have two crocks left now and if one breaks I’ll be in a jam.

Maybe you have some suggestions to make these work or have other crocks that may be closer Please let me know if there’s something I can do.

Thanks, Frank B

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Dear Frank 

Is your cage a California Cage or do you know the manufacturer? If you have this info, perhaps I can locate another source. 

Can you take a picture of it and send it? 

How old is the cage? 

It does not sound like a Cal Cage as they did not have just rings to hold the dish. 

Were the original dishes ceramic or metal? The size of the ring sounds like it would fit perfectly the MEDIUM metal replacement dish we offer. We are out of them right now and I need to bring them in but this dish sounds like the exact item. 

I will look into getting the medium dishes back in, let me know if these sound like they will work for you. 

They are a standard size (the small, med, and large) that fit a LOT of cages out there. 

Let me know. 

Thank you.

Wait until the 2 metal dishes reach you, let me know how you like them and if you want more, this is a learning experience for us all. 

I am also currently working on trying to get the EXACT dimensions into the listing as to the Planit crock’s, trying to get the exact measurement without the lip is not easy.

Most companies just list the crocks with basic outer size and little else, we DO try to have it as accurate as possible all over.

But sometimes, the molds are changed by the manufacturers and the measurements change again without our knowledge.

I do know Planit did some work on another mold for another dish, perhaps they have also adjusted this one.

Hi and thank you for sending the metal dishes.I have tried them and they fit much better than the planits do.They are not perfect but much better as they don’t wobble around in the ring as much.

I would like to keep the dishes you sent I don’t think my bird will mind the dents lol. Plus I need dishes for backup in case I break one of the crocks I have now. So please send me info on how to send the planits back to you and let me know how much the metal ones cost.

I again would like to thank you for all the time and trouble you have gone through trying to take care of my crock problem. You have gone above and beyond and it is very much appreciated. I Will be waiting to hear back from you 

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