Bird Cage Make Over Winner is Amberly Hoffman
Bird Cage Make Over Winner is Amberly Hoffman

Bird Cage Make Over Winner is Amberly Hoffman

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It was interesting to see one of more than a thousand entries from around the country – thank you for the great response. We’ll be launching sweepstakes on a regular basis – Just to perk up those of you who didn’t win, how about a crack at a $100 Amazon gift card. 

While going through the entry list evaluating needs we realized there were more than two dozen entries in Chicago. After a great amount of deliberation we decided to award the prize to Amberly Hoffman and her African Grey – Jenga. Because this was the first time we’ve done such a sweeps, we thought it would be helpful to be hands on all the way and to create a “template” for future giveaways such as this.

Amberly had just rescued a seven year old African grey named Jenga. Jenga has been with Amberly for about four months. Upon arriving at Amberly’s apartment, I kept the surprise to myself when I saw a relatively small cage next to a very large play stand in her living room. A cage normally too small for a grey – depending on life style.
No worries, turns out it was Jenga’s “day” cage. Another area for her to hang out with Amberly while watching TV or reading. I removed my hat and jacket and surprisingly, the sweet little Grey stepped right up on my hand & remained there for about half an hour while Amberly and I got to know each other.
After chatting for a while in the living room. we moved into Jenga’s room that does double duty as Amberly’s sewing room. Amberly has done a remarkable job providing interactive foraging activities for Jenga. The cage that you see is a California Cage no longer being made. , It was popular before buying bird cages on the internet became popular. Most of you who ordered a bird cage from a web store (we have a huge selection:-) in the past 5 or 10 years received it in 1,2 or 3 rather flat boxes, then you assembled it. California cages were delivered just as you see them above (without the seed guards attached).We still call the “welded cages. Amberly’s father had to do some gymnastics with the door frame to get this cage into the room.
I was thrilled to see all of the materials that Jenga had to keep her entertained. After talking at length with Amberly we decided the best way to make this work best for her and Jenga would be to “ramp up” foraging opportunities for Jenga as well as working on building the canopy inside Jenga’s cage.
With the groundwork laid I will go back to begin selection of bird toys & accessories that would benefit Jenga already terrific, day-to-day quality of life.
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