Bird Flight Suit Sizing

Bird Flight Suit Sizing

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Size Chart – 2 (by suit size)

Dear Liz

I have heard from the manufacturer about the size for your suit.

This is the info she gave me.

Please read and measure your bird if needed and get back to me with the size you need or the dimensions and I will get one ordered for you.

The largest size we have an Amazon listed on our size chart is an X-wide which is what your customer purchased (we have a few listed in a smaller size including the Lilac Crowned Amazon or the Panama Amazon.

The next size up would be either an X-Wide Plus or an X-Wide Long. Many times, the FlightSuit appears to look small, but once you get it on the bird, it fits perfectly. My suggestion would be to ask your customer for two measurements. Here are directions on what we would need:

  1. Measure around the whole bird (the girth) at the fattest part, but don?t include the wings in the measurement (so go all the way around, but under the wings).
  2. Measure from the nape of the neck to where the tail feathers begin on the body.


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