Birds Are Like Soul Mates & Should Find You – Right?

Birds Are Like Soul Mates & Should Find You – Right?

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Mitch, I learned sooooo much from you in today’s message about bird safety. I’m seeing my household with completely new eyes now. Thank you so much.

We are first-time bird companions of two one-yr-old beautiful little male budgies acquired at the same time from the same breeder when they were still youngsters. They are healthy and active.

They will eat millet from my hand but I can’t seem to convince them to let me interact with them beyond that.

Additionally, one of them (Pippin) is very bossy and aggressive toward the other…(Bungie). He chases him out of the feeder regularly and I’m distressed over this.

The two still cuddle and interact during the day but sometimes.


Pippin chases Bungie around the cage and it’s clear that it isn’t a fun game to Bungie.

They have stopped sleeping together. If you could point me toward an article you’ve written about aggressive behavior, I would be so appreciative.

One other thing … is a long shoestring hanging from the top of their cage a safe toy?

They seem to love playing with it but I wanted to check and see if you think it’s safe. Thank you, Mitch!


How to tame a budgie 


Dear Ellen

Catherine here, Mitch is off arguing – with the world.


Okay, you have a couple of cute little birds that have no need for you as a playmate. Buying two birds at the same time basically means you will be the 3rd wheel. Birds of a feather flock together, and you have no feathers.

Unless you want to step up the taming, by separating them and playing with each awhile in another room, day after day, then you might have some success.


But it appears like you may have just a cute couple of birds to have fun with while you watch.

Instead, get them a fun cage set up and play area only a couple of budgies could love.

Keep offering them millet in your hand, it is always fun to get visited by them.

Regarding the one bird crowding out the other, you might need to add a second food dish to make sure the less aggressive bird gets to eat. Making sure the cage is big enough to allow the birds to not be forced on each other all the time.


How To Tell If Your Budgie Is
Male or Female – As Well As Age


Also some long hanging toys in the middle of the cage or hanging near a corner where a small perch can be tucked behind it for the meeker bird to go find a place to take a break.

They are not expected to cuddle and sleep together all the time. They are boys, not a pair (no do not introduce a female).


Also NO shoestrings. No string should be long enough to be able to be wrapped around their neck or body. Shorten it accordingly and if it is not completely cotton, it has to come out.

Yes, they can chew the aglet tip. It is safe and birds like that part.

Hope this helps.


This leads us to feedback from


Robin D – Queen O’ Rescue birds

Great job putting this together and so soon. I am sure your trash bins had to be emptied at least 3 times of Kleenex bits for this post.


We all know that no pet can ever be replaced. With that said, 2 serious bird-people with a business called… WINDY CITY PARROT, simply has to own a Parrot, they just do.


Also selfishly, your followers need stories and videos for our Sunday Brunch. Every 30 seconds a bird’s owner dies or one is found in a closet, see where this is going?….


What Robin dreams of


I believe really that 3 birds, minimum should be considered, one for each of you people there. What do you think? If Chicago does not have good rescues, scope out the Indy area and we can all have drinks in person while you look.


I know some crazy lady that has 9 birds in her flock and they are all happy, healthy and one happy clutch and the nut still is a companion and her birds still love and adore her (‘cept the keets, they really could care less), so yes, 3 for you I think.

We will have to take a reader’s poll, are you in? We all loved Popcorn, who wouldn’t sweet and lovely and funny and great.

I think Popcorn would want you to really challenge yourself with something to stay busy and get you out of mourning.

I mean how cool would it be if you got let’s say… a really freaked out Parrot that tried to eat your face when you got close to it, even though you adopt him.


Then you guys can post weekly updates to show how much progress is being made (I would edit the big cuts and bruises).

You could use your expertise, experiment a little, give a bird a good new HAPPY life and the Sunday Brunches would be spellbound and rooting for you and your body parts to stay in-tact.

That is my great advice for the day.

Note: Sharing your life with a bird will always be a double-edged sword. You cry when you lose them as with any pet.


As I get up in age, I start worrying about what happens when I die before them.


Yes, they are in my will, I have parents picked and a diary on each bird to hopefully help the next parent understand personality, likes and dislikes if they somehow ended up with complete strangers.

Then I think about what my birds will feel when I am no longer there if I drop dead before I can re-home them before I take my last breath.

Again I say DANG maybe they should go first because I don’t want them to feel that pain and you know that they will, and they do and they tend to hold onto pain and anger a tad longer than humans.

See? Double-edged sword.


Robin 🙂


senegal parrot in on woman's hand about to bite wrist


Great comments Robin


You’re right and we have been talking about species preference – we’re thinking Poicephalus like Senegal or Red-bellied.

We will be sticking with a single bird in that generally speaking once a household acquires a second and third bird they become zookeepers more than companions.

Yes, it is a double-edged sword – currently, we are working on a very large project which would detract from taking the time necessary to bring in a new bird home.

we’re also waiting to see if a bird finds us 🙂



Other Comments:

When my ex and I separated, I chose to leave my sun conure with him, because they were seriously bonded.

But I thought “how can I write stories for Windy City Parrot’s blog if I have no bird to interact with”.

While I was shopping for a place to live, I chose a temporary set up and asked the homeowner if a small parrot would be okay.

I was thinking parrotlet. She immediately says, “Well an African Grey comes with the room if you want it.”


So my Timmy who’d suffered a lack of attention, poor diet, and even some abuse during the last 6 years quite literally found me.

He’s now happy, healthy, talking a lot and playing again. He loves me and I love him.


Yes, Mitch and Catherine, a bird will find you. If not, you guys will find the right bird.



Mitch was incorrect about not being a companion anymore.


I simply just have several companions now.

Weeknights, I have Quincy and Allie on each shoulder.

Paco on his Polly as always messing with me and Casey still sitting on one last stuffed baby, playing the mother. When I put the other kids to bed, that is when Casey and I talk and play and cuddle.


I just got dang lucky is all with these new birds, or I truly have an angel with me.

On weekends, I can leave Allie out downstairs ALL weekend and she and I and Casey have a slumber party.

Except for bedtime, or if I am leaving my house, I NEVER shut Casey’s cage door.


She is less than 6 inches from my dining table and chairs and she has never tried to eat or chew or destroy one thing other than her toys.

Allie the same way. Oh and most importantly, they are the quietest birds I have EVER known.

Yes, they each have a 5 min screech fest at sundown but not always.

Other than that, if they do make noise it is because they want something, then they are silent.

Even if my brats are having cows and yelling, how blessed am I!?! I will sleep downstairs with them Fri and Sat nights and they LOVE that.

I never have to worry about them doing anything bad. I tried to let Paco and Quincy join in, but Quincy is a pansy-ass and has to be in his cage even though he NEVER wants to go to bed and Paco has to be wherever Quincy is at all times so, their loss on the slumber party I suppose.

So that is all the news at my house.

Hopefully, you will receive a cute little box in a few weeks addressed to Popcorn and it will contain a handmade item.

If I bomb, well then, I will just send some Brownies for the humans and Millet for the birdy baby cuz even if I cannot be an artist, I still can bake!!!

Happy Week to you!


Robin and zoo…. Xoxoxooxoxoxoo


India’s ‘Birdman’ Feeds 4,000 Parakeets A Day


Thank you so much for this truly touching story of love and trust.

I CRIED. I have a red-lored Amazon who can’t fly as she was caught in Mexico as a baby and they broke one of her wings in the shoulder area. A truly horrible thing for people to do to them to keep them safe?

In addition, she is blind in the right eye. That bird means so much to me as I know she needs me more than I need her.

Last fall I adopted a male from a rescue who was so abused he is absolutely terrified of people.

He has diabetes and again like Sam my female, I solely treasure his existence.

Many people I meet and I have taught have learned that parrots are probably more tuned into us than dogs or cats.

They actually react to and want to be so like us. Again thank y’all so much for your wonderful sharing, guidance, and understanding of our true God-given feathered babies.

Dave R, OKC, OK

Looks like you have your hands full Dave – very nice job.

Believe it or not, we have a customer who rescued a Scarlet Macaw in Hawaii that had been shot I have pictures of the x-ray somewhere on the site –


Her veterinarian was forced to amputate the wing on the gunshot side.

That said because you’re dealing with a bird having a broken wing and the loss of distance perspective because of one blind eye from a bird’s point of view maintaining balance and stability is of the utmost importance.

I would have very few cylindrical wooden purches in her cage and let lots of rope and flat perches especially – providing more stability for her feet.

Regarding the adopted male your best friend here is clicker training.

Birds react very well to this and it gives them a higher expectation of things to do.


Please watch this video to better understand

Building Trust With Your Bird


Best of Luck



One more thread with Robin D


Make sure they do not have the sandpaper covers on perches they sleep on.




More great advice thank you. I will do as you recommend as she is a total and completely different animal than the Amazons and keets, or any I have owned.

Not sure about giving up the kisses though, I taught Paco to give kisses instead of biting and it is the only thing that works lol. For now, though yes not getting near her face until she clamps down!


I cannot believe birds survive this, I mean they almost starve to death so yes, I did not even think of the food until you said it and pooping.

She would hold it for days!

That was the first thing that she did when she went to her T-perch was to eat like a hog and hit her litter box and poop, poop, poop!

Oh, FYI huge news for me today. I received Paco’s yearly bloodwork results an hour ago, (his yearly was Monday).


Shockingly, perfect labs, skin, feathers, eyes, perfect! I was told to keep feeding the crazy way I feed because whatever I do is working EVEN allowing the pizza, cheesecake, bacon and various other BAD foods that I slip in at least once a week.

9/14 I was told he probably had cancer white count bad, almost certainly fatty liver disease and he would need beak and nail trims every 6 months and she would be surprised if he lived 12-24 months in reality.



She also suspected he had kidney damage from chronic dehydration.

His gizzard and intestines also had issues.

Last year’s blood was better, but still, far from perfect, the white count was still bad.


I asked on a scale of 1-10 10 being the best what she would rate his health and well being she said 10 but he is still a tad psycho lol!

Of course, I will continue to work with him, my goal is to get him social with me consistently than with others.


At least visit day, I was able to take him out of the cage and get him on my arms and even though we had to towel him for the rest, she was happy with his progress there.

The vet said I should be proud she has seen birds never fully recover mentally from abuse and near death.

So yes, today I am proud! Cheesecake and sunflower seed cake for Paco tonight lol!

I make them in little ice cube trays and then they each get their own cake!


I have Zupreem pellets in all cages, Zupreem seed mix in Polly and treat cups then chops for dinner, so yes, since I know for a fact my birds love food and taste and textures, I will keep it the way I have been doing it.

Also, I have not had to take Paco in those 2 years for beak or nails as I use the Ecotrition sandpapers rolls on their T-perches and the Polly perches work for them to maintain themselves perfectly.

I am so relieved that the White count is spot on.

Such great news!

Happy Happy that paco may live to continue to drive me insane for a very long time! Great right?!


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